Jordan Tours from Australia

It has never been easier or more convenient to enjoy Jordan Tours from Australia, particularly if you are traveling on an Australian passport. In fact, all you need is a ticket and your passport, and then you are ready to board your flight to Jordan, a real gem in the Middle East which is both safe and very welcoming to all who visit.

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Jordan Tours from Australia - Petra, Jordan

Dating to around 300 B.C., Petra was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom.

Jordan Tours from Australia

Admittedly, Jordan cannot compete with a country such as Egypt in terms of ancient historical monuments, but it still has an abundance of things to see and do. Take the Rose City of Petra for example. No amount of words can even begin to describe the sheer magnificence of this indescribable historical site; an entire city that was carved out of the rock faces of a long and deep gorge in an area which would otherwise have been completely uninhabitable.

The vast majority of Jordan tours from Australia, particularly if they are package tours, will include at least one day at Petra. However if you have the time to spare, then you could very easily spend 2 or 3 days exploring the area and you will probably still won’t have seen everything.

Wadi Rum is another absolutely spectacular tourist attraction which millions of people continue to visit. No, there are no breathtaking ancient monuments to be seen, but Wadi Rum is special for other reasons. This is a site of unprecedented natural beauty which is still completely raw and unspoiled even though so many tourists visit the area every year.

If you are going to be in Jordan for a few days, then you simply cannot afford to miss out on an opportunity to visit Wadi Rum. Several famous movies have also been shot on this location, including movies such as Gladiators, and Lawrence of Arabia. Anyway, instead of wasting any more time talking about Jordan tourist attractions let’s focus on things such as visa requirements and etc.

Visa Requirements for Australian Passport Holders

If you are an Australian citizen traveling on an Australian passport you can book your Jordan tours from Australia without having to lose any sleep over visa requirements. You can either apply for a visa at a Jordanian embassy or consulate office in Australia, or you can simply wait until you arrive in Jordan and then apply for a tourist visa on arrival which costs 40. A visa on arrival is a single-entry visa which is valid for a period of up to 30 days. If you book Jordan tours from Australia which include a visit to places like Jerusalem, then it is important that you apply for a multiple entry visa before you travel to Jordan unless you are planning on flying home from Israel.

Australian passport holders applying for a visa on arrival in Jordan only need to be in possession of a valid passport with a validity of at least 6 months as from your date of arrival in the country. No further documentation is required, so as you can see, Jordan tours from Australia cannot be any more convenient than they already are.

 Jordan Visa Requirements for Other Nationalities Arriving From Australia

If you are living or working in Australia and you plan on booking Jordan tours from Australia, but are not in possession of an Australian passport, then we highly recommend that you check our website for information regarding Jordanian visa requirements pertaining to your nationality. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest Jordanian embassy or consulate office for further details regarding visas.

The citizens of more than 120 different countries are able to obtain a visa on arrival in Jordan. These include people traveling on passports issued by countries such as the USA, the UK, all EU member states, and Canada, as well as many others. However if you are unsure then it is always best to seek up-to-date information regarding visa requirements from a Jordanian embassy.

Documents Required For a Jordanian Visa

Citizens of many countries, including Australia are only required to be in possession of a valid passport, but the citizens of many other countries who are able to obtain a Visa on Arrival in Jordan will also need to be able to show a return flight ticket or some other proof of an onward journey out of Jordan.

If you are a citizen of a country whose nationals are not able to obtain a Visa on Arrival in Jordan, then it is imperative that you discuss the necessary documentation requirements with your nearest Jordanian embassy or consulate office because the requirements can and do vary quite substantially from one nationality to the next. For example the citizens of some countries may be asked to show proof of income, a letter from their employer, and proof of funds in a bank account for a specific amount of time, and etc.

Miscellaneous Visa Information

It is important to note that a Visa on Arrival can only be obtained at Queen Alia International Airport, Aqaba Airport, and at the King Hussein Border Crossing. Also, Multiple-entry visas can only be obtained at Jordanian embassies and consulate offices.

It is also worth noting that if your travel plans change when you are in Jordan and you would like to extend your visa, most people who are able to obtain a Visa on Arrival will have no difficulty extending their visa by visiting and registering at a police station in Jordan.

EXIT TAX: All people who visit Jordan have to pay a 10 JD exit tax, regardless of their nationality and visa status.

Waiving Of Visa Fees

If you are traveling on a passport of a “non-restricted” country whose citizens can obtain a Visa on Arrival, then it is sometimes possible to have entry visa fees waived. For instance, if you book Jordan tours from Australia which are group tours consisting of 5 or more people and include staying in the country for 2 or more consecutive nights, your tour operator should be able to help with getting entry visa fees waived.

You can also get your entry visa fees waived if you purchase a Jordan Pass prior to your arrival in Jordan, and providing you stay for at least 3 consecutive nights.

Best Time for Jordan Tours from Australia

For those who have been born and raised in Australia, the weather in Jordan should not be a great challenge, but people from cold climates might find the heat in Jordan a bit unbearable during the hot summer months. If you want to avoid the heat, then it would be best to visit from March to May when temperatures tend to hover around in the high teens.

From June through to September, temperatures in and around Amman can reach up to 32 degrees Celsius, while night time temperatures in December, January and February often drop to below zero.

NOTE: If you are planning on spending some time at the Dead Sea and/or on the beaches at Aqaba, it is worth noting that temperatures in both these areas often reach 40 degree Celsius during July.

With year-round good weather; friendly and welcoming people; excellent food, and tourist-friendly visa requirements, it is hardly surprising that Jordan Tours from Australia have become so immensely popular. If you would like to find out more about Jordan or booking Jordan tours from Australia, please feel free to contact us any time you want and we will do our best to help.

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