Luxor West Bank – Home To Some Of Egypt’s Most Famous Sites

Luxor West Bank tends to feature prominently in most guidebooks, and for good reason. After all, the area is home to some of Ancient Egypt’s most famous historical sites and attractions. All of our Egypt tour packages that include a trip to Luxor, will also include some amazing sightseeing on the West Bank. Guided West Bank tours are also included in all of our Nile River cruises.

Aerial view over Luxor West Bank

Aerial view over Luxor West Bank.

The East and West Banks of Luxor

If you go online and do a search relating to the most famous Luxor tourist attractions, the chances are that several of the images you see will be pictures of various sites found on Luxor’s West Bank. This fascinating Egyptian city is split into two halves since the Nile River flows through the middle of it. This of course also means that if you really want to see all the best sites, you will have to visit both the East Bank as well as Luxor West Bank.

  • On the East bank you’ll find attractions like Luxor Temple and the impressive Karnak Temple complex. The East bank is also the heart of modern day Luxor.
  • Luxor West bank on the other hand is home to the infamous Valley of Kings and the Valley of Queens. In short, Luxor and the surrounding area has more than enough historical sites to keep travelers busy for several days.

The East Bank And Its Amazing Sites

The East Bank of Luxor is where the visitors are able to explore famous and incredibly vast Karnak Temple Complex and also the beautiful Luxor Temple. It is also where most of the museums are found, and as already mentioned, it’s also the heart of Luxor so this is where most visitors stay when they visit the area.

Luxor West Bank And Its Most Impressive Sites

Luxor West Bank is where visitors can visit the equally famous Valley of the Kings; Valley of the Queens; the Colossi of Memnon; Medinet Habu; Gurna; Deir el-Bahari; and Dra Abu el-Naga. In fact, if you have the time, there are even more attractions to be found in the area.

What does this mean to the average traveler? For one thing, it means that you must give yourself more than just one or two days in Luxor. It also means that you will want to make sure you get out of bed quite early so that you can visit some of the sites because a few of them are best seen in the hours just before dawn. This is when you’ll get to enjoy the most impressive views, and you’ll also get to enjoy the best weather conditions

A list of the “must see” attractions for anyone visiting Luxor West Bank:

  • Valley of the Kings – this is literally where the generations of pharaohs and their families were buried. While the most well known inhabitant of the Valley is most definitely King Tut, there are also the greatest kings as well, including Thutmose I, Horemheb, Ramesses VI and more.
  • Valley of the Queens – the Tomb of Nefertari is here.
  • Colossi of Memnon – this is the pair of massive statues built by Amenhotep III, and which guard the entrance to his ancient necropolis. The temple no longer remains, but the pair of statues is a truly moving way to begin your visit.
  • Deir el-Bahari – the massive and impressive Temple of Hatshepsut is here.
  • Gurna – this is where the Ramesseum is found (that of the great Ramesses II) as well as the many tombs of the nobles.
  • Dra Abu el-Naga – Howard Carter’s house is here and has been fully restored. It is a great place to begin or end a day in the Valley.

We also highly recommend that you consider booking a place on one of the many early morning balloon rides across the valley as this gives an unprecedented view of Luxor West Bank.

If you are serious about seeing all the region’s most famous attractions, as well as a few not so famous ones, please contact us to arrange the tour of a lifetime.

With more than half a century worth of experience behind us, we are able to offer some of the very best Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan and Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor, all of which include sightseeing on the West Bank at Luxor. Above all, our level of customer service is well and truly in a league of its own. Visit Luxor West Bank with the world’s No.1 Egypt tour operator.

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