Morocco Luxury Tours – When Only the Very Best Will Do

No true adventure traveler would leave Morocco luxury tours off their to-do list. There is just so much to experience in this often overlooked corner of the world that everyone should see what the hubbub is about. Your first thought about Morocco may be camels and sand dunes, but that is only a small part of the full experience.

Morocco Luxury Tours

Morocco Luxury Tours – Travel in the Lap of Luxury

The key to a truly remarkable stay in Morocco is being able to have a voice in what a Morocco luxury tour means to you. Going with a standard group tour does not afford you that ability.

The pace of these groups is determined by the tour group leader and commonly by the speed of the slowest person. If you are the slowest person, you may suffer from guilt at the way you are holding back the rest of the group. If you are the fastest person, you may become aggravated or even bored. You’ll also become annoyed should a slower person’s actions result in an item on the itinerary having to be skipped. Even the most skilled Morocco luxury tour group leader can have difficultly compensating for the variance of speeds in a large group of vacationers.

In addition to this shortcoming, another benefit of going with Morocco luxury private tours instead of a large group tour is that the accommodation plan is generally higher caliber. While a larger group is limited to hotels that are spacious and affordable enough to accommodate a large group, a private tour group can offer more luxury options.

When you are considering luxury tours in Morocco for that important holiday, longer escorted tour or once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon, you want the extra level of service you will receive with Morocco private tours.

It is important to note, that the Luxury Honeymoon Package offered by truly is second to none in terms of memorability and unique attention. Not only will you stay in a 5-star Almohad Suite at Riad Assakina in Marrakech, you’ll also be pampered every step of the way. We’ll treat you to a couple’s spa treatment, a romantic horse drawn carriage tour through the beautiful gardens of Marrakech and provide you with two entertaining and romantic dinners.

You will not get this level of romance with a Morocco group tour. Even if it isn’t your honeymoon or if you just want to pretend like it is, we are happy to put together the Morocco luxury tour of your dreams. You truly can explore the best of Morocco your way with us taking care of every detail to your exact specifications. For example, a special anniversary can be just as memorable with our luxury honeymoon package.

You can take any of our Morocco tour packages and tweak them to fit with what you want for your luxury tour in Morocco. We can do a variety of adjustments including additional days, more attractions, more or less time at a particular location, more or less free time, and a host of other options to make your experience what you expect. In short, we are happy to build the tour from the ground up to make certain you get the Morocco luxury travel you desire.


We have been helping people enjoy custom Morocco luxury tours for many years already, so we know a thing or two about fulfilling dreams. You wouldn’t want to trust an important holiday or honeymoon to anything less. We care about you and your vacation goals, and it shows in everything we do.

To get started, simply start planning your Morocco dream tour with us and we will get started on making your Morocco luxury tour everything you expect and quite possibly much more than that.

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Last Updated on June 12, 2022