What Can You See on Dahab Tours?

Dahab tours are truly unique. Incredible camel safaris and scuba diving adventures are accessible from this former fishing village, now a vacation hub for travelers around the world. Dahab is definitely worth to include as part of your Egypt vacation.

Dahab Tours

Dahab, Egypt

You may often see Dahab included on a number of private Egypt tours and if so, then choose that tour! Dahab is certainly worth seeing, as it combines the best of Egypt into one very attractive beach town near the southern tip of Sinai.

Like many other areas in Egypt, Dahab was once a boring and isolated coastal village. However, in recent years it has been transformed into a resort. Dahab is extremely popular among divers.

Assalah Village and Dahab City

What kind of fun can you have in Dahab? First understand that in order to find all the Dahab hotspots you have to organize them into two sections: the northern part, which is the former Bedouin village of Assalah, and the southern part, which is Dahab City. The latter has more commercial features, such as banks, hotels and other money-grabbing distractions. The former has more natural pleasures to explore.

Scuba Diving in Dahab

Some of the most popular activities on Dahab tours include scuba diving. Dahab has some very good reefs from which you can dive, including Abu Helal, Canyon, Eel Garden, Lighthouse, Gabr El Bint, Ras Abu Gallum and Three Pools. Bedouin divers also offer assistance with all diving activities, including PADI courses, camel dive safaris and boat dives.

Caution: The Blue Hole

A word of caution should be given about The Blue Hole, the biggest dive site in the down. This “hole” measures 107 meters deep and has overwhelmed many novice and experienced divers who were foolish enough to test it.

In order to travel the Blue Hole you must pass technical dive training and visit the area using only the correct gases. You cannot rely on just air alone, as this has proven to be a fatal mistake for many divers in the past. Do not be persuaded by anyone offering to take you through the Blue Hole—unless you’re a world-class diver ready to meet your ultimate challenge!

Dahab Tours

What else can you do in Dahab tours? You can have some fun in the sun by trad-climbing, bouldering and sports-climbing. However, experience is important here as temperature can get very hot. A safer option, and possibly more fun, is to go on a desert safari deep into the Bedouin areas.

Other popular past times in Dahab on private tours include Yoga retreats, windsurfing, kite-surfing, and kayaking.

There are not that many historical sites here but there are still much many activities that you can enjoy. Remember too, you can always travel to nearby areas such as the Three Pools Oasis, St. Catherines and Mount Sinai without much effort.

Come to Dahab and experience Egypt’s mellow side.

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