Egypt Desert Tours

Egypt desert tours are all about introducing people to the beauty and tranquility of the desert, while also making time for historical sightseeing elsewhere in Egypt. On these adventure Egypt tours packages you will visit places still inhabited by Bedouin, and places where mysterious sands appear white, black, and all shades of red. Visit breathtakingly beautiful oases and spend nights camping beneath the desert sky.

Siwa Oasis Tours

8-Day Cairo and Siwa Oasis Tour

Discover a unique side of Egypt with an 8-Day Siwa Oasis Tour package that includes tombs, temples and more which so many tourists never get to see.
Sahara Desert Camping

3-Day Egypt Desert Camping Experience

Set your soul free with an epic 3-Day Egypt Desert Camping experience; an unmatched opportunity to appreciate a world of unspoiled natural tranquility.
Grand Tour of Egypt

12-Day Grand Tour of Egypt: Cairo, Nile Cruise, and Sahara Desert Tour

Wonder into pyramids of Pharaonic Egypt; cruise the Nile; explore tombs and temples, and conquer the Sahara: 12-Day Grand Tour of Egypt.
Black and White Desert Tour

6-Day Black and White Desert Tour

Discover Cairo’s ancient sites; venture into the Sahara; visit an Oasis and spend a night camping under the stars with a 6 Day Black and White Desert Tour.
Sahara Desert and Nile River

14-Day Sahara Desert and Nile River

Discover ancient history; sail the majestic Nile, and explore the ever changing Sahara with a premium 14 Day Sahara Desert and Nile River cruise package.

Good To Know About Your Egypt Desert Tour

Egypt Desert Tours

Essentially, Egypt desert tours can bring you face to face with 97% of Egypt. The Sahara Desert which for thousands of years has captured the imagination of man consists of vast dunes and ravines, impassible in parts to all but the hardiest of desert peoples.

Even though Egypt has long been envied for its rich, fertile agricultural lands near the Nile, most people around the world still tend to associate the country with the Sahara Desert.

The Western Sahara Desert in Egypt is the most popular draw for those embarking on Egypt desert tours, and it is an expanse of desert that encompasses an area roughly the size of Texas. It is a rugged land that guards its mysteries jealously.

Egypt Desert Tours – Don’t Take Risks

It might be tempting to just hire a vehicle and take off into the sands, but this is very ill-advised for several reasons.

First and foremost, Egypt desert tours are designed to allow travelers a chance to experience the vastness of the desert under safe conditions. The desert is, in fact, deadly to those inexperienced in navigating and surviving in a desert environment. No one should take it upon themselves to venture too far from civilization unless it is in the course of their tour.

The second reason is one of respect. Among Egypt’s greatest natural treasures are the artifacts of civilizations that have long since faded away. These artifacts are found scattered throughout the desert and the Ministry of Antiquities goes to great lengths in order to protect them.

Because of the concentration of these treasures, and also the historical significance of the treasures in the Sahara desert, it’s required in most cases that those venturing off the beaten path have a permit issued by the Ministry. However, if you book one of our Egypt Desert tours, no such permit is required since we take care of any and all formalities.

It is worth keeping in mind that during Egypt’s long history, many of the country’s prized cultural artifacts have been looted by foreigners. Egypt desert tours allow tourists to view these sites and artifacts far out in the desert, but in a way that does not disrupt the science of archaeology or insult the Egyptian people by destroying their history.

Sahara desert tours in Egypt, because of their popularity, are usually available at fairly inexpensive rates. The real bonus of these tours is the fact that you get a guide who can point out all the subtleties of the desert environment, while at the same time helping you to appreciate the culture and history of this incredible land and its many diverse and proud peoples!

Sahara Desert Tours of All Shapes and Sizes

Egypt’s desert areas offer some of the finest traveling experiences in the world, but it takes some background information and a great deal of knowledge to know where to go and what to see. Whether you want to experience life in the oases, or whether you are longing to spend unforgettable nights under the starry desert sky, our expert guides can make sure you have the experience of a lifetime.

Hop on board an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle; climb on a quad bike, or jump on a camel, and surrender yourself to the magic of Egypt desert tours.


Last Updated on April 29, 2024