Middle East Tours from Australia

Middle East Tours from Australia are affordable, convenient and safe, and they can be more rewarding and more magical than you could ever imagine. With Middle East vacation packages from Egypt Tours Plus, entertainment; excitement; adventure and diversity all come together flawlessly to ensure that your Middle East adventure will be as unforgettable as you want it to be.

Enjoy refinement, luxury, non-stop discovery and unrivaled customer service every step of the way as we visit and explore some of the most fascinating destinations the world has to offer. Experience and enjoy the Middle East in true comfort and style, exactly the way it should be done.


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Design Your Custom Middle East Tour

Explore the Middle East your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

Middle East Tours from Australia

Middle East Tours from Australia

The small Temple of Abu Simbel, Upper Egypt

Egypt Tours Plus is proud to offer some of very best Middle East tours money can buy, so, if you are looking for Middle East tours from Australia, you need look no further. We have a huge selection of Middle East tour packages to suit all ages, tastes, and budgets, and you can enjoy complete and absolute peace of mind knowing that when you book tours through us, you are booking your tour through an Egypt tour operator that has been offering high quality tours of Egypt and beyond for decades already.

If our tours and our customer service were anything less than perfect, we simply wouldn’t be around anymore. Whether you are ready to go ahead and book your dream Middle East vacation, or whether you simply want to find out more about Middle East tours from Australia, please continue reading.

Personal Safety when Traveling in the Middle East

People are always concerned about their personal safety, and even more so when they are travelling. It also stands to reason that many people are particularly concerned about traveling to or in the Middle East due to conflicts that have and still are taking place in certain Middle East countries, so we feel that we need to address these concerns before anything else.

We want you to know that we have never and will never offer tours to any country or region which is deemed to be a high risk area; we simply DO NOT do this. Nothing is more important to us that the absolute safety of our clients, and also our staff. No, we cannot guarantee your safety, or even our own, but this applies regardless of which countries you choose to visit. Even in your own country, nobody can really guarantee your safety.

However, we have a reputation and a track record which most other tour operators can only dream about. The bottom line is: when you travel with us, you could not be in better hands, and under no circumstances would we ever consider putting you in harm’s way. In fact, from the moment you arrive in Egypt, to the moment you fly back home, you will almost always have at least one of our tour representatives by your side.

Middle East Tours from Australia with Egypt Tours Plus

At present, all of our existing Middle East tour packages include Egypt. Some only include Egypt, while others include Egypt and one or more other destinations such as Dubai; Morocco; Tunisia; Jordan and Turkey. So, as you can see, when it comes to Middle East tours from Australia, you really do have so many options available to you.

Not only do we have a magnificent range of tours on offer, but we also offer Customized Middle East Tours. These allow you, the client, to request that we make certain changes to any one of our existing tour packages. Alternatively, we can work with you to create a completely new tour itinerary from scratch, resulting in a tour which is 100% unique and based entirely on your own individual needs and requirements.

Essentially speaking, customized Middle East tours from Australia put you in the driver’s seat. Simply tell us were all you want to go, how long you want to go for, what all you want to see, and what your budget it. Our travel specialists will then take this information and create one or more unique itineraries for you to look at. If necessary, further changes will be made in accordance with your wish until we have the perfect itinerary for you.

Maximum Value for Money

As mentioned earlier, we have been in this business since 1955, and we have been based locally in Egypt since the very first day. Naturally, because we are based locally, and because we have been around for so long, we have the sort of leverage which many newer tour operators and foreign tour operators don’t have; the sort of leverage which enables us to get the best possible rates for things like hotel accommodation, Nile River cruises, and etc. In fact, our Middle East tours from Australia on average, around 15% less than the industry standard for comparable tours; tours of the same quality and level of excellence.

Middle East Travel: Passport and Visa Requirements

Assuming you will be traveling on an Australian passport, you can book and enjoy Middle East tours from Australia without having to lose any sleep over things such as visa requirements. For Egypt, we recommend applying for an e-visa online prior to traveling to the country, or you can request that we do so, on your behalf. Alternatively, you can obtain a visa on arrival at any international airport in the country, just as you can in Dubai, Morocco and Jordan, and for Tunisia, you don’t even require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days.

It is worth noting though that Turkey no longer issues visas on arrival, but as someone who will be traveling on an Australian passport, you simply apply for an i-Visa online prior to traveling to the country. This is something you will need to keep in mind when booking Middle East tours from Australia that include some time in Turkey. Of course, our travel consultants will always be more than happy to answer question and offer advice regarding visa requirements for any and all of the countries featured in your chosen tour itinerary. Lastly, like most countries, all of those which feature in our Middle East tour packages require that your passport must have at least 6 months validity remaining when you visit.

Traveling in Comfort and Style from Start to Finish

When you book Middle East tours from Australia through us, you can be sure that you will be traveling in comfort at style from beginning to end. All transfers and tours are undertaken in clean and modern air-conditioned vehicles so as to ensure maximum comfort whenever you are on the road. We also only ever book our clients into four or five star hotels unless there simply aren’t any such hotels in an area you will be visiting during your tour. However, this will be stated very clearly on our website.

You can always see exactly which hotels you will be staying at, and which Nile cruise ship you will be sailing on simply by clicking on the appropriate tab which is located near the top of our tour itinerary pages, on the left-hand side. Just like we only work with 4 and 5 star hotels, we also only book our clients onto 5-Star Nile cruises.

The Best of the Middle East in a Single Vacation

No matter which one of our Middle East tours you choose, and no matter which countries are featured in your chosen tour, you can be certain that selected only the very best sites and attraction to include in our tour itineraries. Contact us right now and let us help you plan your no obligation dream vacation.

Design Your Custom Middle East Tour from Australia

Explore the Middle East your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

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