9 Day Morocco Trip Package: Atlas Mountains, Sahara Desert, Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech

Morocco Trip Package

Forget the world as you know it with a meticulously crafted 9-day Morocco Trip Package that begins in Tangier and ends in Marrakech. Enjoy 4 and 5 Star accommodation; excellent cuisine; private guided tours, and authentic Moroccan experiences you will never forget. Visit and explore the imperial cities of Tangier, Meknes, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

Explore the ancient ruins of Volubilis, a once thriving Roman outpost; stroll through souks where you can find anything you want and more, and surrender to the unimaginable charm of Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco; a town where every dwelling is painted blue, resulting in a sea of peace and tranquility. Enjoy Morocco the way it should be enjoyed: in comfort and style.

NOTE: These are private tours that run daily from Tangier

Morocco Private Tour Packages

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9 Day Morocco Tour Itinerary
Morocco Private Tour Package