Oasiria – Marrakech’s Fabulous Water Park

It is no secret that Marrakech gets more than a fair share of hot sunny weather, but not many people who book one Egypt and Morocco Tours are aware that besides all the historical attractions, Marrakech is also home to the fabulous Oasiria water park which is located just a few kilometers away from the city center. While nearly all the locals know that this is perfect getaway for those who need to escape the heat, it remains one of the lesser-known Marrakech tourist attractions.

Oasiria Water Park

Oasiria water park at sunset. Marrakech, Morocco.

Oasiria may not be on a par with some of the water parks you can find around the world, but it is nonetheless a fantastic place to visit, and unlike some water parks, Oasiria has been designed in such a way so as to ensure people of all ages can enjoy the park and its many amenities.

Safety standards at the park are also very high, with qualified lifeguards posted at all the various rides and pools. The rides themselves have also all be built in line with international safety standards, so families can enjoy complete peace of mind when visiting the park with their children.

Because all of our Egypt and Morocco Tours are fully customizable, we can include a day out at the water park or a visit to any other attractions on request.

Visiting Oasiria Water Park

While it might not be one of the best-known Morocco tourist attractions, Oasiria Water Park has often been described as Marrakech’s own little oasis, and to a great extent it is. In fact, it would be a superb place to visit even if you had no intention of swimming.

The site includes around 10 hectors of beautifully landscaped gardens with an abundance of plants which many people will never have seen before.

The gardens really need to be seen in order to be appreciated. Wherever you look you will see little meandering streams with beautiful wooden foot bridges across them; dense clusters of palms, desert crossings, ancient olive trees, and an abundance of flowers.

Such is the nature of the gardens at Oasiria, that it is all too easy to lose track of the time while strolling through this marvelous slice of paradise.

Oasiria is also home to 5 very nice restaurants, all of which serve up mouthwatering food which is surprisingly inexpensive. You will also find a very well equipped fitness center at the site for those travelers that are yearning to get back in the gym.

There are total of 8 pools and 20 different attractions to choose from. Pools include a heated pool; a lazy river, a quiet pool, a wave pool and more.

The park has also been designed in such as way so as to ensure that visitors don’t have to spend all day in the sun in order to enjoy the water activities. Strategically placed trees provide ample shade cover, with the Quiet Pool being a prime example.

The park also hosts various activities from time to time and particularly during the holy month of Ramadan when the park stays open until 23h00. Enjoy and unforgettable day out at this amazing park with one of our flawless Egypt and Morocco Tours that can be customized to meet you exact needs.

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Last Updated on July 26, 2020