The Heritage Museum in Marrakech – A Family Operated Gem

The Heritage Museum in Marrakech is located in a privately owned 17th century Moorish riad in Marrakech’s famous medina, and only a short 5-minute walked from Jemaa El-Fnaa, the city’s main square. The museum’s central location makes it a great place to visit, and it provides you with a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a short break from the hustle and bustle of the vibrant medina.

You won’t find this museum featured in our classic Egypt and Morocco Tours, but since all our tours include some free time for yourself in Marrakech, you can easily visit the museum on your own. Alternatively, we can add it to any one of our tour itineraries if requested.

The Heritage Museum in Marrakech

The Heritage Museum in Marrakech.

The Heritage Museum has a wonderful collection of artifacts on display which represent various Moroccan sub-cultures. The variety of items on display is nothing short of amazing, and it is made even more amazing by the fact that so many of the artifacts have been in the family for countless years, being passed down from one generation to the next.

Other items have been donated, while others have been acquired by the owners, Abdellatif Alouani Bibi and Hind Sarmi using their own private funds.

Today, the Heritage Museum, also known locally as Musée du Patrimoine, has on display, stunning examples of almost any object imaginable which Moroccans would once have used as they went about with their daily lives.

This charming museum may not be one of the most famous Morocco tourist attractions, or even one of the best-know Marrakech tourist attractions, but is definitely worth a visit if you have time.

Expect to see coins, knives, rugs and carpets, traditional costumes, jewelry, pottery, and so much more.

Another nice quality which sets this museum apart from some of the other museums in Marrakech is the fact that the owners have gone to great lengths in order to ensure that all displays are labeled in both English and French.

Last but not least, visitors are encouraged to visit the rooftop terrace for a refreshing cup of mint tea which is included in the entrance fee. One can also enjoy a nice lunch on the terrace while at the same time enjoying a spectacular view of the medina below.

All of our Egypt and Morocco Tours include a tour of the medina, and ample times to explore it on your own. If you want a break from the chaos, head to the museum.

The Heritage Museum – A Brief Overview

The building which houses the Heritage Museum was built during the 17th century, and it has been in the Alouani Bibi family ever since. This largely explains how Abdellatif Alouani Bibi and Hind Sarmi came to own such a remarkable collection of heritage items. As has already been mentioned, many of the items you will see on display are family heirlooms which have simply been passed on from one generation to the next.

Even though this wonderful collection of artifacts has been around for so long, it is only more recently that the public has had to opportunity to view them and enjoy them. In fact, the Heritage Museum only opened in 2016, which explains why you won’t see it mentioned in guide books and etc.

The Museum opens daily from 09h00 to 17h00, and entrance costs Dh30 (about $8.00) and includes a cup of refreshing mint tea on the rooftop terrace.

Visiting the Heritage Museum in Marrakech

The medina, where the Heritage Museum is located, is one of the city’s top attractions, and it features in almost all of our Egypt and Morocco tour packages that include a visit to Marrakech.

Every visitor to Marrakech wants to explore the old medina, and we believe that the Heritage Museum can add a lot of value to your time at the medina.

Even if you are not particularly interested in seeing a collection of heritage items, the museum can serve as a wonderful break from the chaos of the medina, if you just make your way directly to the rooftop terrace for a light lunch and some refreshments.

The Heritage Museum is a lovely museum, owned and run by a lovely couple, and its convenient location makes it an attraction which is well worth visiting.

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Last Updated on July 27, 2020