Are Private Guided Tours of Morocco Right for You?

So, you have decided to pay a visit to magical, mysterious and ever-popular Morocco. You know you don’t want to be with a large group of people you don’t know, but you also know you are not eager to do all of the planning and driving yourself. What are your options? One of the smartest is to consider whether private guided tours of Morocco will be a good fit for your needs, goals and wishes.

Deciding if Private Guided Tours of Morocco Will Work for You

Private Guided Tours of Morocco - Tourist coach crosses Bab Moulay Ismail in front of the famous mausoleum in Meknes, Morocco

Tourist coach crosses Bab Moulay Ismail in front of the famous mausoleum in Meknes, Morocco.

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The first thing to know is that the very best tour companies will always offer private guided tours of Morocco that are built around pre-existing itineraries. For example, let’s say you are eager to spend around ten days on a journey. You can find many different itineraries for private guided tours of Morocco, and these would be limited to your group or party alone. They would be nearly identical to the group tours, with the main exception being that you get the guides, transportation, meals, hotels and all other experiences all to yourself!

Yet, these very same companies might also offer private guided tours of Morocco that you outline yourself. For example, if you look through their itineraries of private guided tours of Morocco and see all that you want, but without one or two destinations or stops, you may be able to work with such firms to create exactly the trip you had in mind.

Some Basic Examples of Premium Private Guided Tours of Morocco

Morocco Private Guided Tours - Impressions of Morocco

Impressions of Morocco

To help you determine if pre-existing or customized private guided tours of Morocco will suit your vision of the ideal experience of the country, let’s look at a few itineraries from Egypt Tours Plus.

They offer a fantastic private tour that starts in Tangier, the northernmost city in Morocco. From there, travelers are escorted from the airport to the city. The next day sees visits to sites like the Cave of Hercules, the market or medina (also called the souq), the Kasbah Museum, and more. You also have a gourmet lunch and drive to the stunning “Blue Pearl of Morocco”, the painted city of Chefchaouen.

Explore the city and then depart for Fez where you enjoy a pottery workshop, a tour of the old town, and guided visits to the city’s most fascinating neighborhoods and gardens. After that, it is Rabat with stops along the way at the ancient city of Meknes and the Roman marketplace of Volubilis. Visit Rabat and its wonderful architecture, take tea in a traditional setting and then head to Casablanca.

Enjoy time exploring the city and seeing its famous mosque (second largest in the world), and its lovely market. And then it is to famed Marrakech where a tour by Kotchi (horse-drawn carriage) is part of the experience. After that, you head to the stunning Marjorelle Gardens as well as the equally amazing Menara Gardens. Spend time shopping and your amazing holiday comes to an end the next day.

There are also options for private guided tours of Morocco that include visits to the Sahara. For example, one pre-existing itinerary begins with arrival in Casablanca and an appealing coastal drive north to Rabat.

Savor a tour of the ancient fortress and some time in the souq, where mint tea is enjoyed at the famous Café Maure along the riverfront. Then, head into the mountains towards Fez. Along the way, the original capital city of Meknes is visited and then your private tour arrives in Fez.

Enjoy a short tour of the town and time in the market before heading to your authentic Moroccan pottery class. Create something of your own before calling it a day. The next day, the journey heads south to Erfoud – the entry into the Moroccan Sahara. Enjoy a 4×4 ride into the desert and reach camp to enjoy an evening beneath the unfettered stars.

Set out on a camel ride to enjoy the sunrise and then visit the Todra Gorge and the oasis at Skoura. Spend the night here and then begin the next day visiting Atlas Studios where a long list of films and shows have been made – including The Mummy and Game of Thrones!

The adventure continues as you exit the desert and head into the Tizi n’Tichka mountain pass, heading back towards Marrakech. Spend the next day exploring the amazing sights, including Majorelle Gardens and the city’s many districts. Take a Koutchi ride and finish up the adventure with a day of exploring Marrakech before catching a flight home.

The Joys of Private Tours

As you can see from those two itineraries, you may not have to do any sort of planning and booking on your own if you opt for a private, guided tour. You may not even have to do much research about the most fascinating spots to visit. Yet, if you do have an idea about a place you want to see during a visit to Morocco, definitely consider booking a custom tour. You can build on one of the existing itineraries and even inquire about additional experiences.

Keep in mind that a private, guided tour means that you have an English-speaking guide who will know all about the destinations, traditions, and history of the areas you visit. They will be able to escort you through markets, even doing some haggling on prices for you. They will accompany you to restaurants, attractions and anywhere else you wish to go. This ensures the very best experience – even if it is a simple walk along a waterfront or stroll beneath the stars.

The team at Egypt Tours Plus can also create a custom itinerary of multiple countries in the region, if that is your goal. They already have combinations like Morocco and Egypt, Morocco and Spain and even multiple spots in the Middle East as well as Morocco.

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