Spend Christmas in Egypt and Explore the Ancient Wonders of the Land of the Pharaohs

Dreaming of spending Christmas in Egypt? If your idea of the holiday season includes windows glazed with frost, snow-covered landscapes, and trees piled high with presents, you might not consider Egypt as the ideal location to spend the annual season. This is unfortunate because Christmas in Egypt means endlessly sunny weather, easier access to some of the most popular sites of ancient history, and days and nights of 5-star accommodations. Book one of our flawless Egypt tour packages today and get ready for a Christmas which you will cherish forever.

Christmas in Egypt 2020

Note: All our Egypt travel packages are available during Christmas and New Year 2020.


Egypt Christmas Vacation

10 Day Egypt Christmas Vacation, Nile Cruise & Red Sea

Make this Christmas more magical and more memorable than ever with a classic 10-Day Egypt Christmas vacation including a 5-Star Nile River cruise.
Egypt New Year Tour

8 Day Egypt New Year Tour w/ Nile Cruise

Say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new year is absolute style with our classic 8 Day Egypt New Year Tour. Explore Cairo and the River Nile.
Christmas in Egypt

8-Day Egypt Christmas Holiday w/ Nile Cruise

Experience Christmas in Egypt with an affordable and unforgettable Egypt Christmas Holiday Package; enjoy the ancient wonders of Cairo, a Nile River cruise and more.
Egypt Tour in December

8 Day Egypt Tour in December w/ Nile Cruise

Enjoy an epic 8-Day Egypt tour in December, along with a Nile River cruise; an unforgettable adventure to make this festive season more magical than ever.
Egypt Christmas Tours

8 Day Egypt Christmas Tour and Nile Cruise [Small Group Tour]

Spend this festive season exploring the Ancient World with our exclusive 8-Day Egypt Christmas Tour package and explore the best of Cairo and the River Nile.
Egypt and Jordan Holidays

7-Day Egypt and Jordan Holiday over Xmas [Small Group Tour]

Reserve your very own slice of paradise with our budget friendly 7-Day Egypt and Jordan Holiday package. Come explore the highlights of both Egypt and Jordan.

Experience Breathtaking Christmas Nile Cruises

Explore the Top Locations in Egypt

Christmas in Egypt

There are many top-notch Egypt tours available in during Christmas that take travelers to such locations as Luxor, Kom Ombo, and Aswan, and famous cities like Cairo and Alexandria as well. These tours in Egypt over Christmas provide travelers with a rare opportunity to interact directly with trained Egyptologists and guides, and to explore sites like the Great Pyramids of Giza, the temple at Karnak, and the Valley of the Kings alongside them.

Christmas holidays in Egypt might mean a day or two spent exploring Cairo, dining in its finest local restaurants, exploring its markets, and taking an exciting sleeper train south to Luxor. Once in Luxor a traveler on one of the Egypt New Year tours would then board their luxury cruise liner which would serve as a sort of floating hotel for the remainder of their journey.

They would disembark to make land excursions in places like Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut, Esna, and Kom Ombo among a handful of other sites. They would also be able to enjoy leisurely lunches as they sailed past thousands of years of history, and could also engage in a hearty afternoon tea that would give them enough energy to make a final visit to the shore before heading back for a night of star gazing or sailing to another port of call.

While this is not the classic image of the holiday season, it is certainly one way to make Christmas or the New Year incredibly memorable. In fact, many of the lengthier Nile River cruises running during the festive season include a special “gala” to mark the actual holiday and will include a gourmet meal and special celebrations.

Egypt over Christmas 2020

Our exclusive Egypt Christmas tours are only available during the Christmas and New Year holiday period, but all our other Egypt tour packages are also available during the holidays. Come find and book your dream trip today.

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