Dead Sea In Jordan – Visiting The World’s Most Infamous Lake

The Dead Sea in Jordan is without doubt one of the world’s most infamous lakes, and one which has been calling humans to its shores for thousands of years already. You can visit this natural wonder and many other fascinating attractions with any one of our classic Egypt and Jordan tours.

The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea, view from Jordan.

The Dead Sea has fascinated and attracted humans ever since the beginning of time and it continues to do so even today. In fact, the Dead Sea attracts more tourists today than it ever has in the past, making it one of the most popular Jordan tourist attractions.

A visit to the Dead Sea in Jordan is believed to be very beneficial for one’s health, even if you choose not to swim in its water. However, not many people are able to resists the temptation of going for swim because there aren’t many places in the world where one can quite literally float on the water. Actually, the Dead Sea is the only place that offers this sort of opportunity.

A Brief History Of The Dead Sea

If we were to turn the clock back roughly three million years, the area where the Dead Sea is today would have looked vastly different. The entire area was frequently inundated by sea water from the Mediterranean Sea. Each time this happened, the water would form a small narrow lagoon before eventually drying up completely, leaving behind salt and mineral deposits.

As time went by, land between the Mediterranean Sea and the current Dead Sea in Jordan rose dramatically, and the sea was no longer capable of flooding the area. The area where the Dead Sea is now, also sunk considerably. In fact, it is today the lowest point on Earth, with the shores of the Dead Sea being approximately 427 meters below sea level.

Visit the lowest point on earth and experience what it feels like to float effortlessly on water with Egypt and Jordan tours that include a visit to the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea And Ancient Civilizations

The area around the Dead Sea in Jordan has been inhabited for thousands of years already by various cultures, including the Romans; Greeks and Byzantines. The area is also mentioned numerous times in the Bible, and even to this day, many people head to the area just because of its religious significance.

There were also a number of cave dwelling Jews in the area around the Dead Sea in Jordan. While it remains unclear as to what exactly happened to these Jews, they did leave behind them a large library of scrolls. These were only discovered in the 1940s and 1950s, and subsequently named the Dead Sea Scrolls. The age of the scrolls ranges from 150 BCE to 70 CE, and their discovery is considered by many to be one of the most significant religious discoveries ever made.

The Dead Sea Tourist Experience

When people say you can float of the Dead Sea that is exactly what they mean. When you float, you don’t float in the water, you float on the water. The reason for this is because the water has nearly ten times more salt than regular sea water. There really is no other experience quite like it. You can spend most of the day floating on the Dead Sea in Jordan, and you’ll still want to do it again the next day.

Tourists are made to feel very welcome but there are a number of rules in place, and all visitors are expected to abide by those rules. Some rules, at first glance appear to be in place in order to stop people from having fun, but the truth is they are there to ensure the safety of visitors. For example, bathers are forbidden from splashing. With such a high salt content, getting Dead Sea water in your eyes can be a very painful experience.

Tourists are also advised to talk to one of the lifeguards if they accidentally swallow a large amount of water, or if they encounter any other sort of problems while in the water. Designated bathing areas are well maintained and clean, and buckets of the infamous Dead Sea mud are sold everywhere for those who like the idea of a full body skin treatment that would probably costs a few hundred dollars in their own countries.

Visiting The Dead Sea In Jordan From Egypt

Egypt attracts far more visitors than all its neighbors combined, and many of them choose to visit the Dead Sea in Jordan during their stay in Egypt. The best way to do this is by booking one of Egypt and Jordan tours that include a trip to the Dead Sea, along with many other amazing attractions.

Even if you have no desire to explore Jordan during your time in Egypt, a trip to the Dead Sea in Jordan is highly recommended. To that end, if you see a tour package on our site that you like, but it doesn’t include a visit to the Dead Sea, just let us know and one of our consultants will amend your chosen vacation package.



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Last Updated on January 23, 2024