Ma’in Hot Springs – One of Jordan’s Best Kept Secrets

The Ma’in Hot Springs is a real gem of a place, and one which many visitors to Jordan are unaware of. Visiting the springs is generally not included in our range of Egypt and Jordan tours, but if you would like to visit the site during your stay, you only need to tell us. The site is located in Jordan’s Madaba Governorate, between the city of Madaba and the Dead Sea. It is very popular among the locals, and it is becoming increasingly popular among tourists as well.

Ma’in Hot Springs aka Hammamat Ma'in

Ma’in Hot Springs are also known as Hammamat Ma’in

There are several small springs and pools in and around the site, but the most popular pool is one which is fed by a cascading waterfall which is over 20 meters in height. The water in some of the pools reaches a temperature of around 63 degrees Celsius. While temperatures vary from one pool to the next, the mineral content of the water is virtually the same in all of the pools.

Many of the people who visit the Ma’in Hot Springs do so for therapeutic reasons, but many locals and tourists also visit the site purely for the sake of relaxing.

The site is more or less on the border of the Mujib Nature Reserve which is yet another spectacular natural attraction in the vicinity.

There are many hot springs around the world, but not many where you can actually stand directly beneath a naturally heated waterfall. For many people, visiting Ma’in Hot Springs is well and truly a once in a lifetime experience.

With all of our Egypt and Jordon combined tours being fully customizable, a visit to this site can easily be incorporated into any one of our existing itineraries.

Ma’in Hot Springs – Lava Heated, Mineral-Rich Mountain Spring Water

The site known as Ma’in Hot Springs is roughly 27 kilometers away from the city of Madaba, and it is approximately 120 meters below sea level. There are a total of 63 springs in the area, and while water temperatures vary from one spring to the next, there is not much variation in the mineral content of the water from different springs.

The water that feeds the springs originates from winter rainfall on Jordan’s high plateaus. The water seeps into the earth and is heated by underground lava fissures as it makes its way to this low-lying region where it returns to the surface via the many hot springs in the area.

A Therapeutic Gift from Nature

Many people who visit the Ma’in Hot Springs do so for therapeutic reasons. It is thought that the mineral content of the water can be beneficial for a range of different ailments, including things like bone and joint problems, certain skin diseases; some circulatory illnesses and etc.

The water contains an abundance of different minerals, including things such as calcium, hydrogen sulfide, chloride, and radon.

Bathing in the water is also believed to good for the immune system, as well as the nervous system.

What to Expect, What Not to Expect at the Ma’in Hot Springs

Ma’in Hot Springs is really a wonderful place to visit, and one which will allow you to enjoy a very unique experience. However, don’t visit the site expecting it to be anything like most other Jordan tourist attractions. While the site is now actively being promoted as a tourist attraction, the reality is that most foreign tourists have never heard about Ma’in Hot Springs.

The lack of international tourists is great if you are the sort of person who tries to avoid very touristy areas, but in this case, it also means that the site is very basic. Also, despite the absence of mass tourism, the area can and does get quite crowded with locals.

It is also worth noting that while there is no official dress code, visitors are sort of expected to dress conservatively as a sign of respect. While it is unlikely that anyone will say anything if you choose to swim in a bikini, you may find people staring at you.

If you would like to dress as you please and have the hot springs virtually all to yourself, then you might want to consider booking into the nearby hotel. The hotel is within walking distance from the main pool and waterfall.

Egypt Tours Plus – Notes and Final Conclusion

If you are contemplating booking one of our Egypt and Jordan Tours, and you would like to visit Ma’in Hot Springs, please be sure to check your preferred tour itinerary to see if this site is included. If it is not, and you would like it to be, please let us know.

At Egypt Tours Plus, all of our Egypt tours packages are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your own exact needs.

Ma’in Hot Springs is a remarkable place to visit, and even more so if you are able to avoid the crowds. This is easily done simply by visiting the pool early in the morning, or in the evening once most people have left.

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