Wadi Umm Ishrin – Ancient Inscriptions And Vast Sand Dunes

Any visit to Jordan’s desert village of Wadi Rum should include a trip to the nearby Sand Dunes of Wadi Umm Ishrin; even if only to see the Nabatean inscriptions. You are not likely to see this site featured in many of our Egypt and Jordan tours, but it can be incorporated into any one of our tour itineraries.

Wadi Umm Ishrin, Jordan

Wadi Umm Ishrin, Jordan.

Countless people from all over the world visit Jordan each year to see some of the country’s many historical sites. Many Christians for example make the pilgrimage to Mount Nebo. According to the Bible, it was on mount Nebo that God first showed Moses the Promised Land. Many Christians also long to visit the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

Of course not all visitors to Jordan share the same enthusiasm for its biblical significance. In fact, the Rose City of Petra is actually Jordan’s top tourist attraction, and most tourists to the country will make a point of visiting the amazingly well preserved ruins of this ancient city.

Traveling South To The Aqaba Desert

The Aqaba Desert is in Southern Jordan and forms a part of the Jordan Valley, which in turn is a part of the Great Rift Valley that stretches from Syria all the way into East Africa. It is in the Aqaba Desert that the famous Battle of Aqaba took place in 1917.

It was during the Battle of Aqaba, also known as the “Arab Revolt” that the Arabs were able to defeat the Turks. The battle itself was led by Auda ibu Tayi, with a British military officer by the name of T. E. Lawrence acting as an advisor. Lawrence of course became better known as “Lawrence of Arabia” for his role in the battle.

The Desert Village Of Wadi Rum

The desert village of Wadi Rum is without question one of the top Jordan tourist attractions in the Aqaba Desert. Not only is it home to a vast amount of unspoiled natural beauty, but it is also famous because it marks the place where Lawrence of Arabia spent much of his time while fighting in the desert.

This is also where visitors can visit Lawrence’s Spring; a natural cool water spring in which Lawrence frequently used to bathe. Because this region of the country is by all accounts typically inhospitable, it has remained mostly unchanged and unspoiled. Even today, the only permanent inhabitants are the local Bedouin people.

Many of our Egypt and Jordan combined tours include a visit to Wadi Rum, which is not far Wadi Umm Ishrin. If you would like to visit both of these sites on the same day, simply let us know and we will amend your preferred itinerary accordingly.

The Nabatean Inscriptions of Wadi Umm Ishrin

Considering that there is no shortage of sand dunes and impressive cliff formations in Wadi Rum itself, one might wonder why anyone would want to trek across a stretch of desert just to see more sand dunes. In truth however, the Sand Dunes of Wadi Um Ishrin are unique in that it is here where one can see some fascinating ancient Nabatean inscriptions.

The Sand Dunes of Wadi Umm Ishrin (Nabatean inscriptions) are considered to be one of the most historical sites of Wadi Rum, dating back to around 300 BC. Besides the Nabatean inscriptions, the 3km trek to the site which is on the opposite side of the canyon, is in itself very pleasant.

Adding A Bit Of Spice To Your Itinerary

Some travelers want to travel in style and comfort, even when it comes to exploring places like Wadi Umm Ishrin. Others on the other hand, like to include a touch of adventure, or a ride on the wild side so to speak. For those who want to add a little bit of spice to their desert experience, camels can be arranged for the return journey from the Sand Dunes of Wadi Um Ishrin to Wadi Rum. On a camel, the trek takes about two to three hours, and it provides a very unique experience.

If you’re searching for something a little bit more exhilarating, then you’ll be glad to know that there are also tour operators in the area offering activities like sand boarding at Wadi Umm Ishrin. This can be arranged either locally at Wadi Rum, or else your initial tour provider might be able to include it in your itinerary when you book your package tour.

You can book your holiday of a lifetime right now by by exploring our Egypt and Jordan Tours. With our decades-worth of experience, you can be sure your tour will feature all the top Jordan attractions, including the Sand Dunes of Wadi Umm Ishrin (Nabatean inscriptions).



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Last Updated on January 24, 2024