Erg Chebbi Tours – Exploring Morocco’s Legendary Dunes

Dreaming of Erg Chebbi Tours? Legend says that when a wealthy desert family refused to offer hospitality to a poor woman and her son, the sands of Erg Chebbi rose to cover them as punishment for their horrible behavior. It is too bad such a gruesome story is connected to such a stunning place, but once you see the enormous dunes, you too may believe that some otherworldly power was required to create them. Resting at the edge of the Sahara Desert, Erg Chebbi is not a town or village, but a 30km range of golden and rose colored dunes that are a “must see” destination in Morocco.

Erg Chebbi Tours

Erg Chebbi Tours – The Ultimate Sahara Desert Experience

Those who enjoy Erg Chebbi tours usually leave from the villages of Hassi Labied or Merzouga. It is from here that visitors on camel, riding ATVs, or even on foot will most often begin their Erg Chebbi tours. Because there are paved roads leading to the villages, there are more and more travelers enjoying a visit and a tour.

If you want to make the very most out of any tour of the Erg Chebbi area, you may want to travel during the quieter times, and you most definitely want to enjoy your Erg Chebbi tour with a knowledgeable guide and driver. Though the flat, black “hammada” and the dramatic sands are the main attraction, there is more to the Erg Chebbi area.

For example, near the town of Mergouza is Dayet Srji Salt Lake where many varieties of native and migrating birds can be seen. There are also authentic Berber villages in the area, and when you enjoy private Erg Chebbi tours, your experience may include a camel ride into the desert where you can enjoy the hospitality of these nomadic people.

If you are considering an Erg Chebbi tour from Marrakech, you are in for a rare scenic treat. It is usually a two-day drive that takes you through Erfoud and the Ouarzazate. You then pass through Rissani and make your way to the villages. You will enjoy some of the most amazing and uninterrupted views of the desert along this journey, and will experience the desert as an uninhabited and pristine place.

It is never a good idea to plan to navigate through the desert on your own. A private guide and driver can ensure you enjoy the safest and most successful trip, taking in sights and stops along the way. The Sahara Desert awaits those who head to Erg Chebbi, and whether you spend one night or many beneath the starry skies, you will never forget it.

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