The Grand Mosque in Bursa – Another Spectacular Ottoman Mosque

The Grand Mosque in Bursa, Turkey is yet another living testament to Islamic Ottoman Era Architecture. Bursa is home to several impressive attractions, making it a nice place to visit when you are in Turkey. Adding a day trip to Bursa to one of our existing Egypt and Turkey Tours will definitely make your stay in Turkey even more memorable.

The Grand Mosque in Bursa (or Ulu Cami) is the largest mosque in Bursa, Turkey

The Grand Mosque in Bursa (or Ulu Cami) is the largest mosque in Bursa, Turkey.

Whether you’re hoping to explore ancient ruins; Roman theaters, underground cities, or even historical places of worship, there is certainly no shortage of tourist attractions in Turkey.

In fact, Turkey has so much to offer an adventurous tourist, that it would be difficult trying to think of another country capable of competing. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, some other ancient marvel surfaces.

Turkey – A Land Of Mosques And Churches

When you visit most Muslim countries, mosques are the only places of worship you get to see. On the other hand, when you visit Christian countries, you’re mostly limited to churches and cathedrals. When you visit Turkey however, you’re treated to the best of both worlds.

Turkey has an abundance of historical mosques and churches, and when it comes to majesty and splendor, they almost always leave a lasting impression.

Sightseeing In Bursa, Turkey

Bursa, which once served as the capital of the Ottoman State between 1326 and 1365 is nowadays Turkey’s fourth most densely populated city. Despite its vast population and its rapid industrialization, the province is often referred to as “Green Bursa” due to the area’s many parks and forests.

Among the main historical attractions are the famous Ulu Cami Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque in Bursa. Any of our Egypt and Turkey Tours that include a trip to Bursa, will almost certainly also include a visit to the Grand Mosque.

The Grand Mosque In Bursa

When you first visit the Grand Mosque in Bursa, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a newly built replica of the original mosque that was built between 1396 and 1399. You would also be forgiven if you were skeptical about the fact that it only took three years to complete. Stepping inside the mosque; it’s difficult to believe that it has been there for more than 600 years.

With an astounding twenty individual domes, it’s by far the largest mosque in Bursa. These twenty domes are in turn supported by 12 giant columns, and legend has it that Sultan Bayezid I ordered twenty domes to be built rather than twenty individual mosques.

One of the most appealing aspects of the mosque is that it was designed in such a way so as to ensure it is illuminated mostly by means of natural light passing its giant “skylight” dome. When inside the mosque, the atmosphere is one of complete and utter serenity.

The World’s Topmost Collection Of Islamic Calligraphy

Not everyone wants to travel to distant shores to see calligraphy, but even if you don’t have an interest in ancient calligraphy, the vast wall inscriptions at the Grand Mosque in Bursa are likely to leave you mesmerized. With more than 192 inscriptions covering walls; pillars and plates of various sizes, it’s the world’s largest single collection of historical Ottoman Era Islamic calligraphy

Dress Code When Visiting The Mosque

The Grand Mosque in Bursa is no different to any other mosque that has been opened to the public, as far as dress code is concerned. Shoes must be removed before entering the mosque. Additionally, women are expected to cover their arms and legs, and they are also required to wear a head cover to cover their hair.

Male visitors on the other hand are not allowed to enter the mosque wearing short pants and/or a vest. As is always the case when visiting such attractions – do as the locals do, regardless of your own religious beliefs.

Come Explore Egypt And Turkey

Bursa is a truly remarkable part of Turkey, and the Grand Mosque in Bursa is only one of the many attractions in Turkey worth your visit. To see everything Bursa has to offer, as well as many of the country’s other infamous attractions; please visit our Egypt and Turkey Tours for a holiday you’ll never forget.



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Last Updated on July 21, 2020