Sinai Desert Tours – Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

Sinai desert tours are becoming more and more popular year on year, and these days they are attracting a really diverse group of travelers, including yoga enthusiasts and scuba divers, all of which are longing to take advantage of the unspoiled, and also very unique beauty of the Sinai Desert.

Sinai Desert Tours - Photo by Florian Prischl

Hikers in the Sinai Desert, Egypt.

Isolated from the largest area of Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula is a unique triangular shaped region dominated by deserts, mountains and vastly contrasting seaside resorts.

For the past twenty years or so, scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts from around the world have been paying an enormous amount of attention to the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, since it is home to some of the best dive sites in the world.

Some of the coral reefs in the region are believed to be around 7,000 years old, and the crystal clears waters are literally teeming with exotic fish, including many rare species.

In more recent years, many hiking and trekking enthusiasts have started frequenting the are, and nowadays even photography enthusiasts are lining up for Sinai desert tours.

The bulk of the Sinai Peninsula is comprised of arid and very inhospitable desert conditions, including the mountainous areas.

ATVs in the Sinai Desert, Egypt

ATVs in the Sinai Desert, Egypt.

Perhaps it is the inhospitable climate which has deterred visitors from making deeper explorations into the desert in the past, but with the wide availability of ATVs (all terrain vehicles), camels and native guides, Sinai desert tours have become incredibly easy to arrange and enjoy.

Even families are starting to become a more familiar sight in the Sinai Desert region tours. However, Egypt Tours Plus does not recommend Sinai Desert tours for families traveling with very young children.

If you want to visit the area with your children, we recommend discussing your circumstances with one of our experienced travel consultants before making any tour reservations.

What to See During Sinai Desert Tours?

Tours in the Sinai Desert

Mushroom stone formation, Sinai Desert.

What can a visitor expect to see during Sinai desert tours? While the region isn’t as packed with Egyptian history as the rest of the country, the Sinai Peninsula is nonetheless still home to some remarkable historic sites.

Monastery of St. Catherine

One very popular historical site is the ancient and imposing Monastery of Saint Catherine, a destination for pilgrims for more than a thousand years. The complex contains a comprehensive library of ancient religious manuscripts, and is believed to have been built on the exact location of the biblical “burning bush”.

Many people schedule Sinai desert tours as a significant part of their tour of the “Holy Land”.

Sinai National Parks

Popular Sinai national parks include Nabq Protected Area and Ras Mohammed National Park.

Visitors  to these amazing areas can benefit a lot from the assistance of native Bedouin guides who can guide them to the most famous landmarks hidden in the mountains and “wadis” of the Sinai desert. Depending on which tour operator you choose, guides might already be included in the cost of your tour.

Among the most common places visited by those enjoying Sinai desert tours are the Colored Canyon, the Blue desert and Ain Hudra. Though these are not challenging hikes or treks, it is of great benefit to have a local guide who is able provide the best and safest routes.

Egypt – It’s Everything You Want It To Be and More

Sinai Desert Treks - Photo by Florian Prischl

Sinai Desert panorama.

Many people tour Egypt for its ancient pyramids, tombs and temples, while others comes to relax with luxurious Nile cruise holidays. Some people want to lose themselves in the depths of the Red Sea; some want to take on the mighty deserts, while some come to explore the region’s spiritual past.

In a nutshell, Egypt is everything you want it to be, and more.

Sinai Desert tours, are fun; they’re educational, and they’re adventurous. Why not contact us today, and together we can start planning your dream holiday in Egypt.

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