Nile Cruise Vacations

Nile Cruise Vacations – Everything You Need To Know

Nile Cruise Vacations represent the finest opportunity for anyone hoping to see the majority of historic sites in EgyptThey are available in many areas and in many styles.

Nile cruise packages are a great way to enjoy a wonderful holiday or “getaway” while saving a great deal of time and money. The discounts are usually available only because tour companies are given preferential pricing. This is because we are routinely booking reservations for large groups, or booking multiple vacations at a single time. Our customers are then able to benefit from these savings. They are also spared from the need to plan and double-check many secondary arrangements such as tickets to museums, shows and transportation.

Honeymoon Vacation Packages

One destination for which package pricing is regularly sought out is Egypt. The many different areas and attractions make it a wonderful place to visit, and Nile cruise vacations are among the most popular choices. In addition to traditional Egypt vacations, many people also plan Egypt honeymoon vacations through the package arrangements as well.

Are Nile cruise vacations a romantic way to spend a honeymoon? Absolutely! Days spent visiting ancient mystical sites, and nights spent floating along an historic river beneath the brilliantly sparkling stars are difficult to match!

Where to Embark From?

All Nile cruise vacations will require a visitor to embark from Aswan or Luxor. This is because there are no longer any trips leaving from the Cairo.  This is not due to a lack of interest, but rather because of difficulties in navigating the narrow “cataracts” and bends in the river.

Egypt honeymoon vacations will generally have itineraries that begin with a few days in the Cairo where the newlyweds can view the pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and of course explore the markets. After this they will usually fly to one of the two points of departure, Luxor or Aswan. One here, they will begin their Nile cruise vacations for three days to a whole week!

Guided Excursions are Included

Many Nile cruise vacations will include several guided shore excursions to several well-known attractions. Good quality tours will also include expert lectures and discussions, both on shore and while on board the ship. This is a great way to really experience each individual site at a far deeper level than a traditional “do it yourself” tour.

Finding Nile cruise vacations is quite simple, but a traveler should know exactly what they will require before beginning their search. For example, a couple looking for an Egypt honeymoon tour may want to look for a shorter cruise. This will enable them to spend more time exploring the many other historic sites. After all, many of Egypt’s most infamous  sites are out of reach of the traditional cruise areas.

Families on the other hand may prefer Nile cruise packages that include a full week of sailing while seeing the five thousand years of history spread out along the banks of the great river to make sure they get a Nile cruise vacation of a lifetime.