12 Day Egypt Tours

With our 12 day Egypt tours you can well and truly experience the very best Egypt has to offer. All Egypt packages are private guided and can be customized. Some might even include a brief visit to other fascinating destinations such as Jordan; Dubai or Turkey. Scroll down and explore your options.


Dubai and Egypt Nile Cruise Package

12 Day Dubai And Egypt Nile Cruise Package

Witness the achievements of futuristic Dubai and explore the ancient treasures of the Nile River Valley with this 12 Day Dubai and Egypt Nile cruise package.
egypt nile tours

12 Days Egypt Nile Tours: Cairo, Nile Cruise, Red Sea

Marvel at the timeless wonders of Ancient Egypt; sail the Nile in luxury and free your spirit in Hurghada – A quality 12 Day Egypt Nile Tours package.
Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours

12 Day Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours

Discover a world of antiquity in Egypt; enjoy a luxurious cruise, and explore the ancient wonders of Jordan with 12 day Egypt and Jordan combined tours.
Egypt and Jordan tour package

12 Day Egypt and Jordan Tour Package

Transverse a fascinating world of antiquity; ancient conflicts, conquests and achievements – a 12 day Egypt and Jordan tour package you’ll never forget.
Egypt and Jordan Tour

12 Day Egypt and Jordan Tour

Follow the path of pharaohs; explore the achievements of Roman emperors, and come face to face with biblical truths with this magical Egypt and Jordan tour.
Nile Cruise and Jordan

12 Day Nile Cruise and Jordan Tour

Immerse yourself in the ancient wonders of Cairo; relax with a Nile cruise and explore the historical sites of Jordan: A quality Nile cruise and Jordan tour.
12 Day Egypt Tour - Cairo, Nile and Lake Nasser Cruises, Alexandria

12 Day Egypt Tour - Cairo, Nile and Lake Nasser Cruises ...

Twelve days; one country; one mighty river; a vast lake, and two luxurious cruises. Enjoy the ultimate adventure vacation with a quality 12 Day Egypt Tour.
Egypt Dubai Package Tour
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12 Day Amazing Egypt - Dubai Package Tour

Visit two countries, each with distinctively different cultures and backgrounds. A 12 day Egypt Dubai package tour is the ultimate adventure experience.
Budget Nile Cruise Holiday

12 Day Budget Nile Cruise Holiday - Cairo, Nile Cruise, Hurghada

Lose yourself visiting pyramids; tombs and temples, and rediscover yourself sailing the Nile River – An unforgettable 12 Day budget Nile cruise holiday.
Egypt Diving Package

12 Day Egypt Diving Package - Cairo, Nile Cruise, Hurghada Diving

Marvel at Egypt’s pyramids, tombs and temples; cruise the Nile, and dive the Red Sea to explore breathtaking reefs with a 12 Day Egypt diving package.
Egypt Diving Trip

12 Day Egypt Diving Trip - Cairo, Cruise, Marsa Alam Diving

Explore the wonders of Egypt; cruise the Nile in style, and go diving in the Red Sea to explore unimaginably beautiful dive sites – 12 Day Egypt Diving Trip
Sahara Desert

12 Day Egypt Desert Adventures

Visit ancient attractions half as old as time; explore the ever changing Sahara Desert and experience 7 magical oases with 12 Day Egypt Desert Adventures.
Egypt Honeymoon Package - Honeymoon Nile Cruise

12 Day Egypt Honeymoon Tour & Nile Cruise

Celebrate your vows and eternal love in Ancient Egypt and follow in the footsteps of pharaohs with a quality 12 Day Egypt Honeymoon Nile cruise vacation.
12 Day Honeymoon Package Egypt - Cairo Nile Cruise Red Sea

12 Day Honeymoon Package To Egypt - Cairo, Nile Cruise, Red Sea

Enjoy 12 days of non-stop romance; explore ancient pyramids; sail the Nile in luxury, and swim in the Red Sea: Welcome to your honeymoon package Egypt.
Lake Nasser

12 Days Luxury Nile and Lake Nasser Cruises

Travel Egypt like the Pharaohs did thousands of years ago; discover an ancient civilization in style with 12 Day luxury Nile and Lake Nasser cruises.
Luxury Dahabiya Nile Cruise

12 Day Luxury Dahabiya Nile Cruise And Cairo Pyramids Tours

Open the door to an ancient world; explore the remnants of past civilizations, and lose yourself in the splendor Egypt with a luxury Dahabiya Nile cruise.
Egypt Luxury Tour

12 Day Egypt Luxury Tour - Cairo, Nile Cruise, Hurghada Scuba Diving

Turn your dream into a reality; explore pyramids in Egypt; tombs and temples in Luxor and Aswan, and dive the Red Sea with a 12 Day Egypt luxury tour.
Cairo, Nile Cruise and Red Sea Stay

12 Day Cairo, Nile Cruise And Red Sea Stay

Lose yourself in Cairo; rediscover yourself on the Nile, rejuvenate yourself in the Red Sea. An epic 12 Day Cairo, Nile cruise and Red Sea stay.
12 Day Egypt Tour - Cairo - Nile Cruise - Sahara Desert
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12 Day Cairo, Nile Cruise, & Sahara Desert Tour

Wonder into pyramids of Pharaonic Egypt; cruise the Nile; explore tombs and temples, and conquer the Sahara: 12 Day Cairo – Nile Cruise – Sahara Desert tour.