Dubai Creek Cruise – An Experience You’ll Cherish Forever!

Whether you only want to see the sights, or whether you are searching for a romantic night out, a Dubai Creek Cruise is an experience you’ll never forget. Most of our Dubai and Egypt vacation packages include some time on Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek Cruise

Dubai Creek, aerial view.

These days it would be fair to say that Dubai is by no means a top travel destination in terms of historical attractions. Nonetheless, it is currently one of the most visited cities in the world, and by far the number one tourist destination in the Middle East.

People visit Dubai for its extravagance and to witness just how modern the modern world can be. In Dubai, no expense is spared when it comes to achieving the seemingly impossible.

Home to the world’s largest shopping mall; the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa; the world’s only 7-Star hotel, Burj Al Arab, and now even home to the world’s first luxury underwater hotel. When the people of Dubai have an idea, that idea soon becomes a reality. A boat trip along the creek is a great way to see many of the best Dubai tourist attractions from a distance.

Dubai Creek And The Role It Played In Creating The City Of Gold

Dubai Creek is a salt water creek that stretches from the Gulf all the way to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary and essentially splits Dubai into two areas known as Bur Dubai and Deira. While Dubai Creek was initially unable to accommodate large shipping vessels, it played a vital role as a port for small dhows travelling to and from places as far away as India and East Africa.

Despite the fact that its use as a port was so limited, it secured Dubai’s position as a commercial hub, and today, following a number of major dredging operations and the construction of a breakwater, the Creek is now a fundamental part of Dubai. it’s also the place where you can enjoy an unforgettable Dubai Creek cruise.

Where History And Science Fiction Go Hand In Hand

Visitors who go on a cruise down Dubai Creek marvel at how an ancient past continues to thrive in such a hugely modern environment.

While traders still navigate their way up and down the creek selling their wares as they always done, you’ll see the epitome of luxury everywhere, from man-made islands and marinas, to buildings that are better suited to Sci-Fi blockbusters.

Enjoying A Dubai Creek Cruise After Dark

Many people who have been fortunate enough to experience a Dubai Creek dinner cruise describe it as being the most romantic eating experience you’re ever likely to discover. World class cuisine with an ambiance to match ensures that a Dubai Creek cruise after the sun has gone down will be a moment of your life you’ll never forget.

Many of the dinner cruises can be enjoyed on a traditional wooden dhow although there are also several cabin cruisers offering these sorts of trips as well, along with an opportunity of spending the night afloat on the calm waters of the creek. A dinner cruise on Dubai Creek is included in several of our Egypt and Dubai packages but not all of them. We can of course make the necessary arrangements for a dinner cruise if one is not already included in your preferred itinerary.

Arranging Your Dubai Creek Cruise

There are countless options available for those who would like to get a glimpse of Dubai from the creek. Many tourists that fly directly to Dubai from their home countries simply book a A Dubai Creek cruise through the hotel in which they are staying. However, as is to be expected, this can be quite a costly approach. A far better option would be to book a cruise prior to your arrival.

Cruising The Creek By River Taxi

If beautifully decorated dhows and 5-star meals aren’t your cup of tea, why not cruise the creek in the same manner as the locals do. There are an abundance of water taxis in operation which means you can use them for getting to virtually any area along the creek. In fact, if you have time on your hands, using water taxis is a great way to explore the creek.

Many visitors, and especially those on a tight budget, opt for this sort of experience, designing their own Dubai Creek cruise while they’re on the move. Visit some of the old ports and stroll around the narrow lanes to see how the other side of Dubai lives. A visit to the Old Souk is also a highly recommended stop.

Alternatively, make your way up the creek during the day, jumping from one water taxi to the next, and then take a relaxing dinner cruise back down the creek once darkness falls. Regardless of how to decide to explore Dubai, a Dubai Creek cruise is going to be an experience of a lifetime.

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