Dubai Marina – A Magnificent City within a City

Dubai Marina is to a great extent, a dazzling city within a city, and a visit to the marina is included in almost all of our existing Egypt and Dubai tours. It is one of the largest man-made marinas in the world, if not the largest. What one could also describe as being a man-made canal, Dubai Marina occupies a 3 km (2 mile) stretch of Dubai’s Persian Gulf shoreline. Upon completion, the area will be home to scores of villas and residential towers which will be able to accommodate roughly 120,000 people.

Aerial view of Dubai Marina

Aerial view of Dubai Marina.

Dubai Marina is, not surprisingly, also home to numerous hotels, and entertainment venues. In fact, the vast variety of entertainment venues has done much to secure the marina’s place on any list of must-see Dubai tourist attractions. The area is massively popular among locals and tourists alike.

Whether you want to enjoy a quiet or romantic stroll along the scenic promenade; shop until you drop at the Marina Shopping Mall or dance the night away in one of the area’s many vibrant nightclubs, Dubai Marina will never disappoint you.

Dubai Marina – A Brief Overview

Panoramic view of Dubai Marina

Panoramic view of Dubai Marina.

The developers of Dubai Marina drew inspiration from Canada’s False Creek which is located in the city of Vancouver. The area’s close proximity to the open ocean made it possible for the developers to channel sea water from the Persian Gulf into a large central waterway which was excavated from the original desert area. While a vast amount of the Dubai Marina area is covered by water, visitors can still enjoy nearly 8 kilometers of beautifully landscaped walkways.

Developed my Emaar Properties, the Dubai Marina is a 100% man-made development which, upon completion, will be the biggest such development in the world.

While most of our Egypt and Dubai packages only include a relatively brief visit to the marina, a longer stay is certainly possible because all of our itineraries can customized to meet your exact needs.

Shopping at the Marina

Surprisingly, Dubai Marina does not have as many retail outlets as one might expect. However, it is home to the huge Dubai Marina Mall, along with several other developments which are home to many retail outlets. While Dubai Marina Mall is not as big as some of Dubai’s other shopping malls, such as Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates, it is still huge. In fact, with a leasable area of about 390,000 square meters, and a total of 140 retail outlets, it is one of the biggest malls in Dubai.

Nighttime Entertainment

One could almost say that Dubai Marina is the party capital, not only of Dubai, but of the entire Middle East. The area is home to a wide variety of nightclubs that come alive at night once the sun has gone down. As in other parts of Dubai, many first-time visitors to Dubai Marina are surprised to discover nightclubs which are the same, or even better than many of those found in some of the world’s most notorious party hotspots.

Of course, this is still Dubai, so a wild and crazy night out can also be a very expensive night out. On the other hand, if you really have to count your pennies, you can almost always find a Happy Hour promotion at one or more of the clubs. Women in particular can actually enjoy really affordable nights out at the clubs in Dubai, including many of those located at Dubai Marina.

Lady’s Nights are a mainstay of Dubai nightlife, with most clubs hosting a Lady’s Night at least once a week. On these nights, some venues will only charge women half price for drinks; others may offer a certain number of drinks for free, while others offer unlimited free drinks for female patrons. Just remember though, if you have too much to drink and you break the law, you could find yourself in hot water, the sort of situation which is best avoided.

A Marina with Something for Everyone

Besides the trendy shops and the heaving nightlife scene, Dubai Marina is also a great place to hang out if you simply want to relax, or if you and your loved one want to be romantic. There are plenty of excellent hotels and resorts which have all the amenities you could hope for and more. There are also numerous landscaped walkways where you can enjoy leisurely strolls, or better still, why not enjoy an unforgettable sunset dinner cruise.

Visiting Dubai Marina with Egypt Tours Plus

Dubai Marina at sunset, United Arab Emirates

Dubai Marina at sunset, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Marina is a truly remarkable part of Dubai, and an area which all travelers should try to visit at least once during their stay in one of the world’s most opulent cities. In fact, such is the popularity of the Dubai Marina, that today you will find that it is featured in most of our tour itineraries which include time in Dubai, such as our classic Egypt and Dubai tours.

While most of our Dubai tour itineraries only include a short visit to Dubai Marina, longer stays are possible. At Egypt Tours Plus, we believe in flexible travel, and as such, all of our tours can be customized to meet the exact needs of our clients.


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Last Updated on January 25, 2024