Palm Jumeirah – An Island That Defies One’s Imagination

Palm Jumeirah is a man-made residential island shaped to mimic a palm tree, and it is yet another example of what Dubai can achieve in order to attract investment. Visit this astonishing island of opulence with one of our epic Egypt and Dubai tours.

Palm Jumeirah Island, aerial view

Palm Jumeirah Island, aerial view. Dubai, UAE.

Dubai is one of those places where there is so much luxury, and so many innovative achievements, that the average first time visitor is left feeling totally bewildered. When you visit Dubai for the first time, you soon realize just how far behind you own country is when it comes to setting records.

If you want to inflict a great deal of torture on your credit card, you can visit the world’s biggest and most impressive shopping mall while you’re in Dubai. If you want to enjoy world class cuisine in the world’s highest restaurant, you can take a stroll there after you leave the mall, and if you want to stay in the worlds only 7-Star hotel, Burj Al Arab, then you can, but it’s going to cost you.

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Living On Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is partially enclosed in a circular breakwater. The island consists of the trunk and sixteen fronds which one would typically find on the average palm tree in the region.

While the central trunk is a raised bridge which coincidentally also features the only monorail transport system in the Middle East, the “fronds” have been created by reclaiming land that was once covered by the sea. In fact, the entire Palm Jumeirah project called for 94 million cubic meters of sand and 7 million tons of rock.

After spending around US$13 billion, and with the help of approximately 40,000 workers, the world’s largest man-made island was ready to welcome people who wanted something different. Within just six years, 75% of all planned residential properties were ready to be sold and occupied and more than 500 families had already moved in.

During the two years that followed, a total of 28 hotels had also opened on Palm Jumeirah, but these were restricted to the island’s crescent which serves as a breakwater. Interestingly, from an aerial view, the palm and its crescent shaped breakwater don’t appear to be connected, but they actually are connected by an underwater tunnel.

Buying Property in Dubai

Unlike many other Arab destinations, Dubai has a very large expat population. This is of course due to a number of reasons. Dubai is a very safe place for tourists and expats alike, and far more liberal than many of its neighbors.

Nightclubs are plentiful; alcohol is available, and to a great extent, there is not much difference on a street level to any regular western city. Living in Dubai is also not as expensive as some people might think. However, if you are happy to part with your money, then you’ll find more luxury available to you than in practically any other city on earth.

As in most places, you can rent or buy property in areas where prices are reasonable, or you can choose to live in the lap of luxury. If futuristic luxury is your scene, then Palm Jumeirah is definitely a place you want to check out.

Seeing Is Believing

Palm Jumeirah aerial view

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

You can read a thousand and one articles about Palm Jumeirah, or you can peruse millions of photos, but the only real way to fully appreciate its magnificence is by visiting in person. One can only but imagine how awe-inspiring the next two planned islands are likely to be.

Palm Jumeirah is only the first of three planned islands, and it’s safe to assume the next two will be even more breathtaking, and if existing plans are anything to go by, most probably a lot bigger as well. Visit this amazing man-made island in absolute comfort and style with Egypt and Dubai package tours that are truly flawless.

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Last Updated on April 24, 2024