Al Bastakiya In Bur Dubai – Is It The Heart, Or The Soul?

Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai is often described as the soul of Dubai, while others call it the heart of Dubai. Nonetheless, it’s a part of Dubai which is on borrowed time. For the time being, this charming area still remains and is in fact featured in many of our Egypt and Dubai tours.

Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya by night. Dubai, UAE.

Dubai which is one of the emirates that make up the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is for the most part unlike any other part of the Middle East you’re likely to visit. Forget about seeing a society stuck in a bygone era, and don’t even entertain the idea of seeing locals going about on camels. Instead, be prepared for a display of wealth as you’ve never imagined it.

In sharp contrast to much of the Middle East, Dubai can and does compete with any city you can think of. With almost 15 million tourists visiting each year, along with an ever growing number of expats, it’s no wonder that Dubai is one of the top ten most visited cities in the world.

Unlike countries such as Egypt, Dubai tends to fall short as far as historical attractions are concerned. Of course there are places of historical significance, such as Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum, but if you’re searching for ancient pyramids and mystical tombs, then Egypt should be at the top of your agenda.

If on the other hand you’re searching for a sort of “Middle Eastern” Las Vegas, but without all the sin, then Dubai is EXACTLY the place you are looking for. Despite the fact that Dubai attracts well healed tourists from all around the world who are in search of luxury and extravagance, there are also millions of tourists who want more.

Many tourists also yearn for a taste of Dubai’s past, but unfortunately, not many opportunities are available to them these days. To begin with, there’s not much that can endure the extreme weather conditions. Also, many buildings and so forth were built to function as temporary structures, unlike the pyramids of Egypt which were built to last for thousands of years.

Al Bastakiya – A Taste of Dubai’s Past

In truth, if you want a taste of how Dubai once was, you have to head to Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai. Located right in the middle of this sprawling metropolis, Al Bastakiya is often referred to as being the soul of Dubai, while others refer to it as being the heart of Dubai due to its central location.

Bastakiya is unlike anything you’re likely to see on your trip to Dubai. Rather than the chaos that accompanies most of Dubai, Bastakiya is a relatively small area which is stuck in a bygone era, and it can easily be explored by foot.

It is well and truly akin to stepping into a place which has been overlooked and forgotten about. With its fascinating labyrinth of small lanes and alleys, one can really get to enjoy a side of Dubai which many people remain oblivious to. Wherever you look you’ll find quaint little art galleries and plenty of tiny shop houses which are home to vendors selling their wares.

Enter through any open doorway, and expect to be greeted and welcomed, should there be people inside. Bastakiya is also home to numerous little restaurants serving cuisine which the average Dubai tourist never gets to experience. Most restaurants also cater for tourists, so even if you’re not overly adventurous in terms of culinary desires, you’ll never have reason to go hungry.

If you would like to get a taste of Dubai’s past before it vanishes altogether, we highly recommend choosing one of our Egypt and Dubai packages that include a visit to this historical district.

Its Days Might be Numbered

As far as visiting Al Bastakiya is concerned, tourists only face one threat… Bastakiya in Bur Dubai is on borrowed time!

The area has already come close to total obliteration in the past, and it took a considerable amount of effort from those who dread losing such a delightful slice of history in order to have the area spared. For now, Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai continues to charm those who have heard about it, but its days are numbered. As in many other places around the world, progress has many advantages, but it comes with a hefty price.

While the main attraction of Bastakiya is its timeless fascination, there are still a number of other interesting Dubai tourist attractions nearby, one of which is the Al Fahidi Fort and Dubai Museum, and of course if art is your forte, then Bastakiya will seem like paradise.

Visit Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai

To visit Al Bastakiya in Bur Dubai before it becomes just another page in the history of Dubai, you can book your all-inclusive Egypt and Dubai Tours right now with us – the region’s most experienced tour operator.

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Last Updated on April 24, 2024