Motiongate Dubai – Even More Fun than the Real Hollywood

Motiongate Dubai is a gigantic Hollywood-inspired theme park which is owned and operated by Dubai Parks and Resorts. The park has 5 different areas, each with its own unique flavor, so to speak. Each of the five areas has a variety of rides and activities relating to their own individual themes, but more about this shortly. Continue reading to find out more, or book one of our classic Egypt and Dubai tours and experience the thrill firsthand.

Motiongate Dubai

Entrance of Motiongate Dubai.

If theme parks are your cup of tea, and particularly if you are going to be visiting Dubai with children or teens, Motiongate Dubai must surely be one of the very best Dubai tourist attractions to visit.

There really are rides and adventures of every description. In fact, there are so many, that you might even find that it is impossible to experience them all in a single day. Also, many of the already-exhilarating rides are made even more exhilarating thanks to the use of 3D and 4D technology.

If you are still having doubts, just remember that this theme park is in Dubai, a place where absolutely nothing is done in half measures.

As should be expected, this sort of venue does not appeal to all travelers, and for this reason, we generally only include it in our Egypt and Dubai packages when it is requested.

Motiongate Dubai – A Brief Overview

As has been mentioned, Motiongate Dubai consists of 5 main areas. All 5 of these five areas are unique. One serves as the main entrance to the park, and has been reserved almost exclusively for shopping and dining. The remaining four areas are all about entertainment, and are based on some of Hollywood’s most popular brands, such as Liongate; The Smurfs; Dreamworks, and Columbia Pictures.

Area 1 – Studio Central

The Area known as Studio Central is themed around Hollywood in general, and it functions as the main entrance to the park. The immediate area is home to numerous places where visitors can enjoy a vast variety of foods and refreshments. There are also a good many shops that sell all sorts of things relating to Hollywood and the park itself.

Area 2 – Columbia Pictures

The rides and attractions in this area are all based on films and franchises relating to Sony Pictures, including The Green Hornet; Zombieland; Ghostbusters, and etc. There are a total of 8 different rides and attractions which one can enjoy in this zone. Each of these are of course different. For example, there is stomach churning drop-tower ride called Zombieland Blast-Off, while the Green Hornet High Speed Chase, is an adrenaline inducing ride for serious thrill seekers.

Some of the other rides in this area are known as dark rides because you wear special 3D and 4D headsets. It might be worth noting that one ride in this zone is reserved for children who are 12-years old or younger. There is also one 4D interactive ride which is not suitable for children below the age of 15.

Area 3 – Dream Works

Of the various areas at Motiongate Dubai, this one has the most rides on offer, all of which are based on Dream Works movies and franchises. This zone also has its share of adrenaline-inducing rides, but it also has a fair share of rides for those who prefer something a little slower and less nerve wrecking. Some of the most popular rides here include the Dragon Gliders; Madagascar Mad Pursuit; Operation Penguin Shake; Kung Fu Academy, and Viking Village. However, besides the 5 mentioned, there are another 9 awesome rides to choose from.

Area 4 – The Smurfs Village

As the name suggests, the rides and activities in this area are all themed on Peyo’s The Smurfs. There are only 6 different rides and adventures in this area of Motiongate Dubai, and most visitors would agree that this area is far more suited to younger children, as opposed to older kids and adults.

Area 5 – Lionsgate

This is the smallest zone at Motiongate Dubai, with only two rides and one stage show. Both of the rides are based on the immensely popular Hunger Games franchise, while the stage show is based on the popular film series, Step Up.

Visiting Motiongate with Egypt Tours Plus

Since theme parks such as Motiongate Dubai are not everyone’s idea of a great day out, it is unlikely that you will see this attraction featured in our standard Egypt and Dubai Tours. However, if you are going to be visiting Dubai with us and you would like to spend a day or two at the park, we will be more than happy to add it to your preferred tour itinerary.

Motiongate Dubai is a superb venue to visit, regardless of whether you even have children or not. It has a mind-blowing variety of rides and attractions to suite almost all tastes. Last but not least, Motiongate Dubai only opened in December 2016, which means that the park is kitted out with some of the very latest and very best technology to ensure that you really do have an unforgettable experience.

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