Mall of the Emirates in Dubai – Where Shopping is Only the Beginning

Mall of the Emirates is a world-class shopping complex located on the corner of interchange four on the Sheikh Zayed Road. Of course, just the fact that this mall is located in Dubai should already be enough to reassure you that Mall of the Emirates is not your average shopping mall. While this mightily impressive mall doesn’t feature in many of our Egypt and Dubai tours, we certainly recommend visiting it if you have the time to spare.

Mall of the Emirates - Dubai, UAE

Mall of the Emirates, interior – Dubai, UAE

However, with so many wonderful Dubai tourist attractions to choose, why would any tourist want to spend their precious holiday time at a mall? The mall’s official slogan actually provides the ideal answer: Shopping Is Just the Beginning.

Mall of the Emirates – Facts and Statistics

Diners at Mall of the Emirates

Diners at Mall of the Emirates.

Developed and owned by Majid al-Futtaim Properties, the Mall of the Emirates opened its doors for business in September 2005, although the official inauguration only took place two months later, in November. This was also when Ski Dubai officially opened, making it the Middle East’s very first indoor ski resort and snow park. In fact, it is also the biggest indoor snow park in the world.

At the November 2005 World Travel Awards ceremony which was held in London, Mall of the Emirates was named the World’s Leading New Shopping Mall. In 2008 the owners announced their intensions to expand the mall. The expansion was broken down into four individual phases, with all phases being completed by 2015. Today, Mall of the Emirates has a total of 255,489 square meters.

In 2012, the International Council of Shopping Centers named Mall of the Emirates as the 7th most productive shopping center in the world, generating an average of US$ 1,423 per square foot per year.

Because all of our Egypt and Dubai tours are fully customizable, you can visit this mall during your stay even if it is not featured in your preferred/chosen tour itinerary.

Shopping, Dining and Mountains of Entertainment

Mall of the Emirates with Ski Dubai

Exterior of Mall of the Emirates with Ski Dubai “on top”.

On the last count, Mall of the Emirates had 630 retail outlets; 7,900 parking spaces; 250 flagship stores; 80 luxury stores, and 100 different restaurants and cafes. In addition to the stores, restaurant and cafes, Mall of the Emirates is also home to a number of entertainment venues, including Ski Dubai which was mentioned earlier; an Arts Center; a Community Theater, and Dubai’s biggest indoor family entertainment venue, Magic Planet.

If this still is not enough to keep you busy, then you will be pleased to know that there is also a 14-screen multiplex cinema. If you head to the relatively new expansion area you will find VOX cinemas with 24 screens, including an IMAX with Laser Theater, a 4DX cinema and more.

As far as entertainment is concerned, Ski Dubai and Magic Planet are both excellent choices, particularly if you are travelling as a family with kids. Even children who are still too young for snowboarding and skiing can also have a fantastic time at the snow park where there is even a special area set up for small children.

Magic Planet has an almost infinite number of games and fun activities to suit all ages. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, then be sure to go on the RoboCoaster, a thrill ride which you won’t find anywhere else other than in the Middle East.

Visiting Mall of the Emirates with Egypt Tours Plus

If Mall of the Emirates sounds like the sort of place you would like to visit while you are in Dubai, then it is important that you look to see if it is included in your preferred tour itinerary. As a general rule, most of our Dubai Tour Packages and most of our Egypt and Dubai Tours do not include a visit to Mall of the Emirates, but a visit to the mall can be added to any tour itinerary you choose.

Simply let us know that you would like this attraction added to your preferred itinerary, and one of our tour representatives will be happy to make the necessary changes for you.

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