Red Valley In Cappadocia – A Valley Like No Other On Earth

The Red Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey is unlike any other valley on earth, and its many ancient attractions make it all the more fascinating and intriguing. Why not visit this remarkable area in absolute comfort and style with one of our classic Egypt and Turkey Tours.

Sunset - Red Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey

Aerial view of the Red Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Turkey is a country blessed with an almost infinite number of tourist attractions, ranging from underground cisterns to ancient fortresses; mosques and churches. It is also home to Cappadocia which is located in the central Anatolia region of Turkey. Cappadocia is today one of Turkey’s most visited areas, and for good reason. It is, after all, home to many of the best tourist attractions in Turkey.

A Brief History Of Cappadocia

Cappadocia was the land of the Cappadocians, which at one point stretched all the way from Mount Taurus to the Black Sea. When Cappadocia was eventually occupied by the Persian Empire, it was subsequently divided into two provinces, each with its own government. The inner central province kept its name, while the other province was renamed Pontus. After the fall of the Persian Empire, the division between the two provinces continued.

Cappadocia has a violent but incredibly interesting history, and for centuries it served as a place of refuge for those who were trying to avoid or escape persecution. However, this is the very reason for the area’s spectacular historical attractions, many of which are located in the vicinity of Goreme.

Visiting Red Valley In Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s most famed attractions include several underground cities, the Open-Air Museum at Goreme; the countless fairy chimneys and etc. These are scattered in the various valleys, including the famous Red Valley in Cappadocia. Other valleys in the area are the Rose Valley; the White Valley, Pigeon Valley and Devrent Valley, and they’re all fantastically exquisite.

This entire area was once a relatively flat plateau which got covered with lava from three massive and very active nearby volcanoes. Since these volcanoes haven’t been active for over two million years, the soft 150 meter deep layer of lava has been steadily eroded by the elements. The result has proven to be spectacular, and particularly in the valleys which have formed over thousands and thousands of years.

Nearly all of our Egypt and Turkey tours include some time in Cappadocia, but they may not include a visit to the Red Valley. However, all of our tours can be customized to meet your exact needs, meaning that we can add a trip to the Red Valley to any one of our existing itineraries.

The Valley Of Different Shades

Red Valley in Cappadocia is one of the most popular valleys in the area, and one of its appealing features is the fact that the overall color or shade of the valley tends to change as the sun moves across the sky. The color likewise changes with the various seasons, and even with varying weather conditions.

Another great attribute of the Red Valley is the fact that the hiking trails are suitable for virtually everyone, regardless of one’s level of fitness.

A Treasure Trove Of Ancient Wonders

One of the most fascinating sights you’ll encounter when you visit Red Valley in Cappadocia, are the numerous cave churches, many of which have been decorated with the most amazing frescos imaginable. Amazingly enough, most of the frescos have also retained their vibrant colors. Rather than just being typical caves, the churches have instead been carved out of the cliffs and rocks, which needless to say make the spectacle evermore fascinating.

Red Valley is also home to many cave houses, some of which are connected by means of tunnels. Both the houses and the tunnels were also carved out of the rocks, and were mostly used by those fleeing persecution, including the early Christians, before Christianity became a recognized religion.

Other Nearby Attractions

The famous “Fairy Chimneys” of Goreme are only a short distance away from Red Valley in Cappadocia and definitely worth a visit. These are naturally formed rock pillars, most of which have mushroom shaped heads. Unlike similar rock formations elsewhere on the planet, the ones in Goreme are unique in that many of them have been home to human inhabitants. They were also often hollowed out by the Romans and then used for burying the dead.

The nearby Devrent Valley is also a highly recommended attraction. Despite the absence of cave churches and cave houses, the valley attracts a vast amount of tourists due to its almost lunar-like landscape and its countless oddly shaped rocks.

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