Monks Valley in Cappadocia – Land Of Fairy Chimneys

Monks Valley in Cappadocia (Pasabag) is famous for its many extraordinary “fairy chimneys” which are totally natural rock formations that never cease to amaze. Visit this Monk’s Valley and explore this natural wonder with one of our flawless Egypt and Turkey Tours.

Monks Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey

Monks Valley (Pasabag) in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Turkey is fortunate enough to have been blessed with countless historical tourist attractions; some man-made, and some made by Mother Nature. Devrent Valley and Monks Valley in Cappadocia are two fantastic examples of Mother Nature’s artistic abilities, and both of these places are very much worth a visit.

One of the nice things about visiting these places, is that they are very close to Goreme in Cappadocia, which means visitors can explore several other awe-inspiring places while in the area. Cappadocia is home to many of the best tourist attractions in Turkey, and the overwhelming majority is located in close proximity to Goreme.

Visiting Monks Valley In Cappadocia And Its Many Fairy Chimneys

Monks Valley in Cappadocia is located just a few kilometers outside Goreme. Anyone travelling to Goreme from Avanos or Zelve won’t be able to miss the chimneys since they do make for one of the most remarkable landscapes you’re ever likely to see.

Wherever you cast your gaze when you visit Monks Valley in Cappadocia, you’ll see countless rock pillars pointing up into the air. Some have the most amazing mushroom-like heads while others resemble minarets and the like. These pillars have formed over thousands of years due to natural erosion, but one can’t help but wonder how and why they are unique to this one particular region.

A trip to Monk’s Valley is not included in all of our Egypt and Turkey Tours, but it can easily be added to any one of our tour itineraries, and especially those that include time in Cappadocia.

A Home Fit For A Hermit

Many of the rock towers at Monks Valley in Cappadocia eroded in a way that left them with two or three heads, and these were often inhabited by hermits who wished to distance themselves from humanity. The Simeon Monks also had a hermitage here.

Today there’s chapel dedicated to the Simeon monks, known as the Chapel of St. Simeon. One of the three headed chimneys at Monks Valley in Cappadocia is also home to a built in hermitage. Saint Simeon had already chosen to live as a recluse before taking up residence as a hermit in area.

Before fleeing to the area, he had lived a life of seclusion a short way away from Aleppo. Unfortunately for him, rumors of him having the power to make miracles happen starting spreading, and he was forced to leave the area if was to continue with his secluded lifestyle. As a result, he chose to live as a hermit on top of one of the chimneys, and it is said that he rarely came down other than to collect food and water from his disciples.

A Nice Neighborhood Of Free Homes

It wasn’t only hermits and months that occupied the chimneys at Monks Valley in Cappadocia either. Many others arrived in the area and began carving homes into the rock pillars. Some fairy chimneys in Cappadocia where also once used by the Romans for laying their dead to rest. Again, the pillars would be hollowed out, along with an entrance which typically faced west. These were then either fitted with a kiln or a stone slab, on which the dead could be laid.

Fairy Chimneys By Another Name

Fairy chimneys are by no means unique to Monks Valley in Cappadocia. In fact, they are quite a common occurrence and can be seen in several countries around the world, where they’re known as hoodoos. What makes Monks Valley in Cappadocia so special, is the fact that nowhere else in the world have the chimneys been carved out for the purpose of human habitation.

The fairy chimneys are also unique in that there are a number of double and triple headed chimneys. Such chimneys have never been discovered anywhere else on the planet. As is so often the case in Cappadocia, you get to explore a site which is totally unique.

Explore the Best of Turkey

If you would like to see Monks Valley in Cappadocia, along with a wealth of other fascinating historical attractions, including underground cities and carved-from-rock churches, please take a look at our quality Egypt and Turkey Tours. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, we will be happy to customize a tour specifically for your needs.

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