Temple of Wadi El Seboua – Twin Temples Located In The Valley Of Lions

The Temple of Wadi El Seboua is located at Wadi El Seboua, an area also known as the Valley of Lions, and there are actually two temples, both of which are worth exploring. Both sites are featured in nearly all of our Lake Nasser cruises.

Temple of Wadi El Seboua. Lake Nasser, Egypt

Palm trees and Temple of Wadi El Seboua in the Distance. Lake Nasser, Egypt.

The city of Aswan is a real treasure trove for travelers who are interested in exploring ancient historical sites. What also makes many of the nearby sites even more fascinating is the fact that many of them have actually been relocated. This was done to save them from the flooding of Lake Nasser following the construction of the Aswan High Dam.

One very popular attraction in the region is the Temple of Wadi El Seboua which can be explored when visiting Wadi El Seboua, also known as the Valley of Lions.

A Brief History Of Temple of Wadi El Seboua

The Temple of Wadi El Seboua site is actually comprised of two individual temples, both of which are well worth visiting. The older of the two temples on the site was original built by Amenhotep III and then later restored by Ramessess II. This is a structure that features a rock cut sanctuary with a brick pylon at the entrance. It has a traditional courtyard and hall, and some partial paintings still remain to this day.

The temple is believed to have been dedicated to a Nubian variation of the Egyptian god, Horus, but this has proven to be a very challenging issue to verify because of the damage sustained during the reign of Akhenaten.

Akhenaten was known as the heretic king because of his insistence on worshiping a single god – Amun. This is the reason why a full restoration was only carried out much later during the reign of Ramessess II. During this restoration the temple was also extended and various elements were added in front of the pylon, including the sphinx lined avenue that leads to the temple itself. Sadly, when the site later fell into the hands of the Christians a significant amount of damage was done to the building.

The second temple on the site is the larger one of the two, and it’s known as the Temple of Amun which was built by Ramesses II. It is generally believed to have been completed between the 30th and 50th years of the great pharaoh’s reign.

It was also built in honor of the viceroy of Nubia during this period, and this was achieved through the use of many statues and inscriptions. It was a very impressive structure in its day and historically it also served as a residence for the viceroy.

It also served as a stopping point for the boats making their way up and down the Nile. Considering its age and past history, the temple itself remains remarkably well intact, and features two courts with heavy decoration, pillars, and the stone doorway from which three massive pylons once stood. Ironically, even though there are many inscriptions and intricately carved panels, it is not considered to be an equal to the older temple on the site.

Other Nearby Places Of Interest

As mentioned earlier, both buildings were relocated when the Aswan High Dam project caused the waters of Lake Nasser to rise. This saw them being moved to the new Wadi Es-Sebua site, which is also home to a number of other relocated places to visit in Egypt, including the Temple of Dakka and the Temple of Maharraqua.

Getting There

The new Wadi El Seboua site is usually one of the first stops visitors can expect to make on a Lake Nasser cruise. Nonethess, it can also easily be reached by taking a 4km water taxi ride to the site directly from Aswan. There are no admission fees, but visitors might want to consider hiring a knowledgeable guide to ensure they get the most from a visit.

If you would like to explore the Temple of Wadi El Seboua and the other temples located at the new Wadi El Seboua site, you can visit us right now to book your perfect Egypt tour package. We also offer a select range of luxury Lake Nasser cruises, and if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our custom Egypt tours can easily be tailored to meet your own individual needs.

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