Temple of Nadura – A Mysterious Roman Temple Left To Die

The ruins of the Temple of Nadura, located in the Kharga Oasis just north of the city of Kharga, can be seen perched strategically on the top of a hill. While this temple is younger than some of the other well-known temples in the area, it has not been very well-preserved. The result is that today only ruins remain.

Upper Temple of Nadura

The Nadura Temple is known by a couple of different names, including the Temple of Nadura or simply Nadura. This temple was built at some time in the 2nd century and was built during the Roman Rule of Egypt.

Temple of Nadura

The Temple of Nadura was not treated very well after it was no longer being used, and no restoration work has ever taken place. Instead, the temple was essentially left to die, and all that remains of the Temple of Nadura today are some of its outer walls.

There are conflicting stories about why the temple was built. The most widely accepted belief is that this temple was built in honor of the god Amon. However, paintings on the remaining walls seem to indicate something different.

The paintings which include musicians playing and dancing, and are reminiscent of paintings that were typically featured in temples built in honor of Egyptian goddesses during that era. It is extremely hard to determine just why this temple was built.

Troglodyte Village

If you visit the Temple of Nadura, then you should also visit the nearby Troglodyte village which is actually within walking distance. The remains of the village include some of the mud brick homes as well as cellars that were used so that the inhabitants could get under the cool earth and out of the desert heat.

Temple of Hibis

The Temple of Nadura is also very close to the Temple of Hibis, which is a temple in much better condition. However, if you are particularly interested in the unique and mysterious history of Nadura, then it is worth the trip.

You can find the Temple of Nadura close to Al-Bagawat, various other temples, and the town of Kharga. That means it can easily be a stop along the way when you are visiting other sites in the Kharga Oasis.

Getting There

If you choose, you can find Egypt desert tours that will stop at these sites individually. However, you can also reach the Temple of Nadura via private vehicle. It is located along the major caravan road that passes from south to north in the Kharga Oasis.

Keep in mind that this temple was not treated with care. You will not be able to enter any rooms or see very much of the original paintings. Instead, all that really remains are a few of the outer walls.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024