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The Etihad Museum in Dubai is located along Jumeirah Road (Route D94). The site on which the museum was built could to a great extent be referred to as the birthplace of the United Arab Emirates. It is the same location where the union was originally formed in 1971. The design of the building which houses the Etihad Museum is, as one would expect in Dubai, is ultra-modern, and also very beautiful. You can visit this museum along with many other amazing attractions with any one of our Egypt and Dubai tours.

White Pavilion, Etihad Museum

The White Pavilion, Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum which only opened to the public in January 2017 is all about the history of the United Arab Emirates. It collects, preserves, and displays items which are related to the union’s cultural, military, scientific, social, and political history.

The museum also makes use of modern technology such as interactive maps and etc. in order to enrich the experience for visitors. It may not be one of the most famous or most popular Dubai tourist attractions, but it is a great place to visit if you would like to learn a bit about the history of the UAE.

Dubai Etihad Museum – A Brief Overview

Etihad Museum, Dubai

Etihad Museum where in 1971 the Emirates rulers signed a declaration that marked the formation of the UAE.

The Etihad Museum was originally called Union House. It is where the Union’s founding fathers gathered to sign the document that would essentially legitimize the Union which today is known as the United Arab Emirates. The original building now forms a part of the ultra-modern Etihad Museum complex. One of the very first external features which visitors will see, are the 7 large columns which represent the seven pens which the founding fathers used to sign the 1971 declaration.

The building itself is in the form of a giant manuscript, with an abundance of glittering steel and glass. It is a truly remarkable building, and would be well worth a visit even if one is not particularly interested in the region’s history. The Etihad Museum has a total of 8 permanent pavilions, which essentially means visitors should ideally set aside about three hours for their visit.

The first pavilion is of course the starting point of your visit, and it is where visitors can watch a well-made documentary about the history of the UAE. The following six pavilions are each dedicated to different aspects of the Union’s formation. For example, the 2nd pavilion allows visitors to explore a state-of-art interactive map that highlights the pre-UAE era, while the 6th pavilion highlights important moments and some of the biggest challenges which the founding fathers were faced with.

The museum’s 7th pavilion is where visitors can see the United Arab Emirates Constitution, as well as the actual treaty which was signed by the founding fathers in 1971. The 8th pavilion, on the other hand, is reserved as an open gallery in which the newly born nation can be celebrated.

Other Pleasant Features at the Museum

Besides all the artifacts and interactive maps and so on, the Etihad Museum also has a lovely and very comfortable library where visitors can relax while browsing through photo-illustrated books and etc. There’s also a lovely garden where you can enjoy a nice stroll, and a really nice café that serves a good variety of delicacies, including their signature camel milk ice cream.

Many of our Egypt and Dubai tours include some free time in the city, and this museum would be a good candidate if you would like to do some exploring on your own.

Opening Hours, Admission Fees, and Getting There

Main Entrance to the Etihad Museum

Main Entrance to the Etihad Museum – Sliding glass doors and modern interior.

The Etihad Museum opens every day of the week from 10h00 to 22h00. Admission tickets for adults cost 25 AED (+/- US$6.80). This is reduced to 20 AED for people visiting in a group of 10 or more people. Student (5 to 24 years of age) tickets cost 10 AED (+/- $2.70), while admission is free for disabled people and children below the age of 5.

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Dubai, the Etihad Museum is not located near to any BTS line or station. As such, you either need to take a taxi, or drive there yourself. The museum is located along Route 94 (Jumeirah Road), and while just about every taxi driver in Dubai knows where Jumeirah Road is, not all of them will have heard about the Etihad Museum due to the fact that it only opened in 2017.

If you intend taking a taxi to the museum, be sure to remember that it is on Route 94 so that you can inform the taxi driver if need be.

Visiting the Museum with Egypt Tours Plus

If you are thinking about booking one of our amazing Egypt and Dubai tours, please keep in mind that not all itineraries include a visit to the Etihad Museum. Nonetheless, our tour packages are all customizable; meaning a visit to this museum is always possible, regardless of which itinerary you choose. Also, when you travel with us, your tour includes travel in a modern air-conditioned vehicle as well as a driver/guide.

The newly opened Etihad Museum might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a great place to visit if you would like to learn about the history of the United Arab Emirates in a modern and very spectacular setting.

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