Irbid Jordan – An Historical City Born During The Bronze Age

Irbid Jordan is an ancient Jordanian city which has been inhabited by humans every since the Bronze Age. Today it is one of Jordan’s most densely populated cities. If you would like to visit and explore this city, you can do so in absolute comfort and style with one of our fully customizable Egypt and Jordan tours.

JUST University's Library - Largest library in the Middle East. Irbid, Jordan

JUST University’s Library – the largest library in the Middle East. Irbid, Jordan.

Like so many other places in Jordan, the city has an incredibly long history. In fact, several years ago a number of ancient graves were discovered in the area, and as a result, we now know that humans have inhabited the Irbid Jordan ever since the Bronze Age.

Nobody seems to know what name was originally given to the city, but records do shown that it was once known as the city of Arabella. Much of its early history remains unknown, but there is speculation that it must have been a remarkably prosperous region.

Modern Day Irbid

From what was once little more than a small village, Irbid has steadily grown over the years, and today the city of Irbid is the third most populated city in Jordan. Irbid province on the other hand is the second most populated province in Jordan, with around 700,000 inhabitants.

Irbid is generally not seen as one of the important Jordan tourist attractions, and is therefore not featured in many of our existing Egypt and Jordan combined tours. Despite this, the city certainly gets its fair share of visitors. The area is home to several reputable colleges and two very prestigious universities which attract students from all over the country, as well as students from other counties.

As is to be expected in a city with a lot of students, Irbid Jordan has an incredibly active and vibrant nightlife. This in itself attracts a relatively large number of younger travelers. Most have arrived in the country for sightseeing opportunities elsewhere in the country, but they set aside a few days to enjoy the wilder side of Jordan. The city has developed accordingly, and today the city center is home to countless open air cafes; restaurants and etc.

Irbid Jordan Once Famed For Its Wines

During the Hellenistic Period, when Irbid Jordan was still known as Arabella, it served as a significant trade center which attracted traders from all over the region and beyond. It was also famous for its outstanding wines. Soil in the region is exceptionally fertile and the weather is relatively mild, with a climate which is ideal for growing high quality grapes.

Wine Production And The Advent Of Islam

Following the Muslim conquest, Arabella became part of the Muslim Empire and the name was changed to Irbid. Since alcohol consumption is forbidden in Islam, the region’s grape farms went into decline and all wine production was immediately stopped. Most of the area which was once covered in grapevines was soon dominated by olive trees, and the Irbid Jordan quickly went on to become a major producer of high quality olive oil.

A Major Transportation Hub

While Irbid Jordan is certainly no longer the region’s most significant trading center, it still plays an important role in regional trade. In fact, it is considered a “major” transportation hub for the movement of goods between Amman and Mafraq to the east and Syria in the north. Apart from its role as a transportation hub, Irbid is also a popular starting point for tourists who intend exploring and visiting attractions in the northern Jordan Valley

A Modern Day Student City

As has already been mentioned, Irbid has a large student population. On average, there are around 70,000 registered students in the area at any given time, and of these, roughly 10,000 are foreign students. In truth, the presence of so many institutions offering higher education has clearly had an influence on how the city has been shaped.

If you would like to visit Irbid Jordan, or any other part of Jordan for that matter, you can visit Egypt and Jordan Tours. We offer a range of expertly designed package tours based on several decades worth of experience, and if you don’t see a package you like, simply let us know what your needs are, and we’ll tailor a tour just for you.



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Last Updated on January 24, 2024