The World Dubai – An Unimaginably Ambitious Property Development

The World Dubai is an unimaginably ambitious project which aims to create and develop a number of man made islands which will essentially represent different countries. While this cluster of man-made islands is not featured in most of our existing Egypt and Dubai tours, a cruise around the islands can easily be arranged.

The World Islands, aerial view. Dubai, UAE.

The World Islands, aerial view during construction. Dubai, UAE.

If you visit Dubai, you only need to look around you in order to see fine examples of things which can be achieved when there is no shortage of ambition. Dubai wanted to be home to the world’s largest shopping mall, and now it is. In fact, not only is it the biggest mall, but most people would also consider it to be the most impressive.

Dubai wanted a building that quite literally screams out that you are in Dubai, and so the infamous Burj Al Arab Hotel was soon built, and consequently became Dubai’s most recognizable landmark, and also the world’s only 7-Star hotel.

Dubai wanted to have the tallest building in the world, so the spectacular Burj Khalifa Tower was duly built, rising nearly 1km into the sky. Another massively impressive development is of course the man made island known as Palm Jumeirah. This was constructed and created in the form of a palm tree, complete with trunk and fronds, which in turn is surrounded by a crescent which also serves as a breakwater.

Achieving The Impossible Is Never Good Enough

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you learn of yet another mind bending project being planned, and The World Dubai man made archipelago of islands just off the Dubai coast is a perfect example. At the time of writing, The World Dubai was not considered to be one of the top tourist attractions in Dubai, but this is very likely to change as more and more of the islands are developed and occupied.

The World Dubai archipelago development consists of several small man made islands which when seen from above, look like a miniature version of our world. The project is located four kilometers from the coast and all the islands get water and electricity from the mainland via a network of underwater pipes and cables.

Initial construction of the archipelago got underway in September 2003, just three months after the project was officially unveiled by Sheikh Mohammed. The islands which make up the archipelago have required an immense of dredging to be done since this sand was to play a crucial role in building up the islands.

In total, construction of the islands required some 321 million cubic meters of sand and a staggering 31 million tons of rock. With work in full swing, progress was quick and efficient, and in 2007 the first four islands had been sold. By the end of the following year the developer announced that 60% of the islands had already been purchased.

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The Recession Bites And The World Dubai Suffers

The World Islands, Dubai

Dubai and The World Islands in the distance.

The global financial crisis took its toll however, and the project was essentially put on hold. Soon after this, reports started surfacing which claimed that The World Dubai was starting to sink back into the sea.

However, the developers as well as a number of independent teams disputed this. It was also interesting to note that one of the claims regarding the sinking was made by a contractor who was being penalized for failing to honor their contract.

By 2011, land and property prices throughout the United Arab Emirates had plummeted by as much as 40%, which inevitably had a huge impact on The World Dubai project. Virtually all the islands which have sold were sold to large companies rather than to individuals. Most of these companies responded to the recent recession by suspending their plans, but plans have not been abandoned. In fact, the luxurious Royal Island Beach Club officially opened its doors in 2012 on the archipelago’s Lebanon Island.

As Painful Memories Of The Recession Fade

Up until the end of 2012, only two of the 300 islands had been developed. However, in May 2013, a company by the name of Kleindienst Properties released a statement saying that construction of their planned development which will to be named Heart Of Europe, will begin within the next few months.

The “Heart Of Europe” development will occupy six of the “Europe” islands, and many investors believe this might very well act as a catalyst in getting other companies to recommence their projects.

The World man made archipelago of islands is just one of many fantastic human achievements which can be seen in Dubai.

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Last Updated on January 24, 2024