Travel to Taba

There are a few ways to travel to Taba, including chartered planes and via overland means. We will help you select the best Egypt vacation option based on your needs.

Travel to Taba, Egypt - Boats and yachts are in the harbor

Taba is located on the eastern Sinai Peninsula of Egypt that always accommodates travelers coming into Egypt as well as the Sinai region. Taba is known for its nice accommodations as well as its Red Sea scuba diving.

First things first though – how do you get into Taba?

Travel to Taba From America

If you are traveling to Egypt from USA then you will have to leave the states by way of a major city that’s close to you, such as Los Angeles or Denver. Then you fly to Europe probably stopping in Germany or Amsterdam, as you prepare to board a plain to Egyptian territory. When that plane takes off again and is ready to land, you will arrive by way of Taba International Airport.

Visitors may also arrive via from other places in Africa or Egypt, coming either from the North by way of Israel or by south by way of Egypt.

From and To Israel

What should you know about leaving and entering Israel? When you leave Israel you are usually asked to pay a small tax, while if you enter Egypt legally, you get a free Sinai permit, which allows you to stay 14 days within that region. What does this mean? You are only allowed to stay in the Sinai for this time.

In order to earn the right to go beyond this area, you will need a visa or else will have to pay Sinai tax. (Much like Moses was ordered to after breaking the Ten Commandments)

As you cross the border you will see that there’s about 150 meters or so of default territory that exist between Egypt and Israel. Be mindful that many locals will offer to carry your luggage for a price. When you’re on the Egyptian side, you get access to long-distance taxi rides.

Unlike the taxis you’re probably used to, these taxis are shared between drivers. Everybody knows that the taxi drivers always try to rip you off so it might help to haggle some and perhaps even threaten to take the bus a few yards down the way rather than argue about taxi fare; this usually gets you a fair price.

Meanwhile on the Israeli side, you can take the local bus when connects Eilat’s Central Bus Station and Jordanian border. There is also a bus that connects to Cairo in Egypt.

Some tourists have stated that it’s not very smart to broadcast your plans of going back and forth between Egypt and Israel, as Israel it always a hot topic in the world today.

Keep these tips in mind as you travel to Taba – the very accommodating resort community!

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