The Magic Spring – Floating On Bubbles In The Sahara Desert

Do not ask the locals where to find Magic Spring because this is the tourist name given to the site. It is not that hard to find, though, especially since it is surrounded by a gift shop, a coffee shop, and even a place to stay.

Magic Spring

Like many of the natural springs that can be found throughout the oases, the Magic Spring helps to keep the area lush and green. At one time, this natural spring fed a small stream that flowed out into the oasis. Now, the spring is drained to provide drinking water to the area.

You could visit other springs, but this one is special, or magic so to speak. The first thing you will notice about Magic Spring is that it constantly bubbles. Bubbles of all sizes burst on the surface, and they are so prevalent that a person can easily float on the water without swimming at all.

The spring is constantly warm, and the water is both clear and clean. If you visit, you will definitely want to take some time and go for a swim. This is a very popular Sahara tourist attraction. The spring is actually a small pond that is walled in by sandstone, creating the look of a basin. Palm trees sway along the edges of the spring and make the overall appearance even more appealing.

Getting to the Magic Spring in Sahara

To find the Magic Spring, you will need to travel about 15 km north of Mut along the road that leads to Deir El Hagar and Qasr Dakhla. It is a part of the Black Desert that takes up a large majority if the Dakhla Oasis.

The town of Mut is about eight hours from Cairo, and if you visit the area, you will actually find there are numerous historic tourists attractions close by. You may wish to stay several days in the oasis.

If you do not wish to find the Magic Spring on your own, you can take part in desert safaris and excursions.

These guided visits will take you to many of the important sites along the way, including the Magic Spring. This way, you do not have to spend any time trying to find the spring, which can be difficult especially since the locals do not call it by the same name.

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Last Updated on September 28, 2022