Qasr El Labeka – Ancient Aqueducts; Temples And Tombs Await

Qasr El Labeka is also referred to as the Qasr El Labkha. It is an ancient Roman built fortress dating back to the 5th century AD and it is one of many ancient sites located in the Kharga Oasis.

Qasr El Labeka, Kharga Oasis

At the time of Roman occupation Qasr El Labeka would have been surrounded by a lush green area, close to the Wadi River. Now that river is seasonal, and the area has dried up immensely.

Qasr El Labeka- The Most Spectacular Complex In The Area

When you first see Qasr El Labeka, the first thing you will notice is just how striking it is.

The fortress was built on an escarpment, so it stands high above the old caravan road. Most of the walls are still standing, adding to the imposing air. A great deal of the fortress is still preserved, and you will even get to see the ancient aqueduct system that was used to transport water from the river into the fortress.

Very few of these aqueducts have survived the test of time. While this one is filled in with silt, it is still standing enough to give you a real glimpse into historic culture.

There are also two standing temples beside Qasr El Labeka that you will be able to view. The history of these two temples remains unknown. Visitors will also find a few Greco-Roman tombs are on-site as well which are definitely worth exploring.

Getting There

Qasr El Labeka is located deep in the desert and is not reachable by bus. It is located close to the ancient town ruins of Ain Umm Dabadib, so if you plan an excursion, it would be a good idea to visit both at the same time. The caravan route that the fortress is located on is no longer used as a road. That means the only way to visit the area is by camel caravan or by 4×4 off-road vehicle.

You simply will not be able to find the fortress or the ruined city on your own, and you should most definitely hire a licensed tour guide through one of our amazing Egypt desert tours.

You can hire guides that will take you to the fortress from either Qasr Kharga or Cairo. Because this fortress is so far out of the way, you need to plan several hours for travel time just to reach the area. Do not expect to find modern conveniences or towns anywhere near.

On the upside, Qasr El Labeka is a little-visited area, so you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking site without the crowds.

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Last Updated on March 26, 2024