Jumeirah Beach – An Unforgettable Break In The Lap Of Luxury

Welcome to Jumeirah Beach; an exclusive upscale area located on one of Dubai’s most pristine stretches of coastline, and right in the very heart of luxury. If you book one of our Egypt and Dubai tours that include some free time in Dubai, we highly recommend spending some time on the picture-perfect and spotlessly clean beach.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is considered to be Dubai’s most exclusive area.

Although Dubai is home to several historical attractions, it is for the most part a city of all things NEW. Proof of this exists in the fact that there are more construction cranes operating in Dubai than any other city in the world.

No sooner has another record breaking tower been completed, before another one gets underway, and as is the norm in Dubai, nothing gets done in half measures.

Jumeirah Beach – In Sharp Contrast The Rest Of the City

Dubai’s skyline is famous for its towering architectural wonders that reach hundreds of meters into the desert sky. Jumeirah Beach on the other hand, is mostly home to low-rise residential properties, but not just any residential properties. Instead, the area is considered to be Dubai’s most exclusive area and definitely one of the top Dubai tourist attractions. It is incredibly popular among high flying expats and wealthy locals.

Most of the buildings around Jumeirah Beach are, by Western standards, still comparatively new, although when you’re talking about a place like Dubai, even a twenty year old building is considered old. Up until the 1960, the Jumeira Beach area was mostly home to working class folk like pearl divers; traders and fishermen. These days, they are no longer to be seen in the area.

Our range of Egypt and Dubai tours typically include visiting many attractions which are in close proximity to Jumeira Beach. However, most don’t include a visit to the beach itself but it is a great place to go and relax when you have some free time to spare.

The Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Beach is home to a number of famous landmarks, with the spectacular Jumeirah Mosque being one of them. Unlike the vast majority of mosques in the United Arab Emerirates, Jumeirah Mosque is actually accessible to non-Muslims, who surprisingly enough, are also permitted to take photographs inside the mosque. Most visitors to the area make a point visiting the mosque, which in turn has earned it the reputation of being the country’s most photographed mosque.

Burj Al Arab – An Engineering Masterpiece

The Burj Al Arab hotel is currently the fourth tallest hotel in the world, but it’s not the height that makes this building such a sensation. Instead, it’s the actual design. The person responsible for the design was instructed to design a building that would become synonymous with Dubai.

In order to make this structure become a reality, engineers had to overcome some of the most complex engineering challenges imaginable. For example, the hotel was to be built on a manmade island located 280 meters offshore. As a result, it took longer to create the island and prepare the foundations than it took to build the tower.

Built in the form of a tradition dhow, Burj Al Arab is often said to be the world’s only 7-Star hotel. If you’re in search of a luxury weekend break at Jumeirah Beach, and you have a little bit of extra cash to spare, you can book the Royal Suite for around US$ 19,000 per night.

Wild Wadi Waterpart – True Fun In The Sun

If there’s ever been a man-made oasis, then Wild Wadi Waterpark at Jumeirah Beach is definitely it. With more than 30 million liters of water covering an area of 12 acres, the waterpark has been designed to have something for everyone. Whether you’re an adrenalin-chasing thrill seeker, or whether you just want a relaxing experience with your family, you won’t be disappointed. From thrilling rides, to a trip along Lazy River, to the manmade beach complete with five foot high waves, Wild Wadi never fails to amaze.

Aquaventure – Even More Respite From The Heat

Aquaventure is another waterpark which is part of the Atlantis Hotel in the Jumeirah Beach area. Unlike Wild Wadi Waterpark, Aquaventure allows visitors to have fun in the pristine waters of the Persian Gulf. Real ocean water, and real fun. From kiddies’ splash pools to nail biting rides through shark infested waters, the park has been designed for people of all ages, with safety always being the top priority.

Art Galleries Galore

With so many wealthy people going about, it’s hardly surprising that Jumeirah Beach is home to several world class art galleries, including the very popular Art Attack Gallery and the Art Space Gallery. If neither of these takes your fancy, you’ll find another gallery just a stone throw away.

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