Uchisar Natural Rock Castle – A Sight That Words Can’t Describe

Uchisar natural rock castle is so astonishingly intriguing, that no amount of words can actually describe it well enough to do it justice. Be sure to keep an eye open for this site if you intend booking one of our Egypt and Turkey Tours.

Uchisar Natural Rock Castle

Uchisar Natural Rock Castle in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Essentially speaking, Uchisar  castle is a giant rock located on the top of a tall hill. What makes it so special is the fact that humans took this enormous rock, and they subsequently turned it into a castle, or as some call it, a fortress. Many of the best tourist attractions in Turkey are to be found in Cappadocia, and this is definitely one of them.

The castle dates back to the Byzantine period although there is a lot of debate as to when work first started and when it was completed. The general consensus is that it was created over the space of many years.

Research also suggests that there were already a number of caves present even before people began excavating. Slowly but surely, and with a tremendous amount of determination, caves were transformed into large rooms. More rooms were added as work progressed, and so too were tunnels which served to join the maze of rooms which had been carved out of the rock.

Rooms were created above existing rooms, and more rooms created above those. This in turn created a demand for several stairways to connect the different levels. While all this was going on, the importance of a defensive strategy at Uchisar natural rock castle was never overlooked or disregarded.

In fact, there are even milestone doors at the entrance of each room, just as there are in many of Cappadocia’s defensive underground cities. Many of the tunnels which connect some of the rooms were also made very narrow in order to prevent would-be intruders from moving in groups.

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Escaping Persecution

Uchisar natural rock castle first served as a place of refuge for Christians trying to avoid persecution from the pagan Romans. Later, once Christianity became the official religion, Christians had to once again seek refuge from persecution, but this time from the advancing Ottoman Turks.

Uchisar Natural Rock Castle Today

While many of the castle’s rooms and tunnels can be explored by tourists, it’s worth noting that not all of them are accessible these days. A number of rooms and tunnels have unfortunately collapsed due to natural erosion, and there is little doubt that more of the castle’s rooms will eventually meet the same fate unless preventative measures are taken.

A number of the caves and rooms at Uchisar natural rock castle are also nowadays used as pigeon houses, particularly on the northern side of the castle. Farmers in the area have even painted the interior of some rooms white so as to attract pigeons, which in turn provide the farmers with free, high quality natural fertilizer for their orchards and etc.

The valley that connects Üçhisar and Goreme is also home to countless pigeon houses, and is actually called Pigeon Valley for this reason.

Landscape To The North; East And West

When you visit Uchisar natural rock castle, it’s also a good idea to spend some time at the top of the hill while you enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area and the many “fairy chimneys” you’ll see to the north; east and west.

Many of these were once hollowed out by the Romans and used as graves. Most had either a kiln or a stone slab inside on which a body could be laid to rest.

When visiting Cappadocia, you should set aside a few days at least because there are many amazing attractions in the area, including underground cities and rock cut churches.

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Last Updated on November 19, 2021